What is Statbank API?

The Central Statistics Office (CSO) StatBank Application Programming Interface (API) provides access to StatBank data in JSON-stat format. This dissemination tool allows developers machine to machine access to CSO StatBank data. Details about JSON-stat can be found at this web address http://json-stat.org/.

The majority of StatBank tables are available in JSON-stat format, on the StatBank API. StatBank tables with over 150,000 data points are not available in the StatBank API and a message to this effect is presented when you select the JSON table e.g. TDM04 is not available. A list of the StatBank tables that are unavailable are presented here.

If you encounter any difficulties please email databank@cso.ie.

CSO wish you every success using this new data dissemination tool and we welcome your feedback at databank@cso.ie.

Download Data

To download a StatBank table in JSON-stat please click here

There is a list of themes that follow a similar structure to StatBank. Select the theme and subtheme you are interested in and the data tables available will be displayed. Tables are listed as Key Tables, Current Tables and Archived Tables to assist with appropriate selection. The final theme PSSN, is the data hosted by the CSO for other government departments through the CSO Public Sector Statistics Network. Remember tables with over 150,000 data points though listed are not available for download with this application. Details about JSON-stat can be found at this web address http://json-stat.org/ .