Classification: NACE Rev 2
Code: 9411
Label: Activities of business and employers membership organisations
Synonyms: Advertising Press Club , Association for Sub-Contractors and Nominated Suppliers , Association of Advertisers in Ireland , Association of Chambers of Commerce of Ireland , Association of Waste Material Dealers of Ireland , Association of Woollen and Worsted Manufacturers of Ireland , Bankers' Association , Beet Haulers Association , Box (Packing Case) Manufacturers Association , Breed society , Business and employers membership organisations , Business organisations , Chambers of Commerce , Chocolate Manufacturers Association , Confectioners and Fruiterers Association , Corporation of Insurance Brokers of Ireland , Cumann Naisiunta Cuireadorachta Is Tionscail Inc. , Draughtsmen's and Allied Technicians Association , Dublin Cattle Sales masters Association , Dublin Master Victuallers Association , Dublin Newspapers Managers Committee , Dublin Vehicle Builders Association , Electrical Contractors Association Inc. , Electrotypers and Stereotypers Society , Employers confederation/organisation , Federation of Boot Manufactures of Ireland , Federation of Irish Industries Ltd. , Federation of Jewellery Manufacturers of Ireland , Federation of Trade Associations , Federations of business and employers membership organisations , Flooring Specialists Association , FUE (Federated Union of Employers) , Furniture Manufactures Association , Goldsmiths Association of Ireland , Guild of Insurance Officials , Guild of Irish Bakers , Guild of Irish Journalists , Guilds and similar organisations , Hardware and Allied Traders Association of Ireland , Horse Breeding Society , ICMSA (Irish Creamery and Milk Suppliers Association) , Institute of Advertising Practitioners in Ireland , Institute of Bankers in Ireland (1898) , Insurance Institute of Ireland , Irish Agrochemicals Association , Irish Association for Dental Prosthesis , Irish Auctioneers and Estate Agents Association , Irish Bacon Curers Society Limited , Irish Brewers Association , Irish Brush Manufacturers Association , Irish Cattle Traders and Stock Owners Association , Irish Cheese Manufacturers Association , Irish Cinemas' Association , Irish Clay Products Association , Irish Clothing and Cap Manufacturers Association Ltd. , Irish Coal Importers Ltd. , Irish Commercial Travellers Association , Irish Cream Exporters Association Ltd. , Irish Crop Dryers Association , Irish Cycle Manufacturers, Factors and Wholesale Traders Association , Irish Drug Association , Irish Exporters Association , Irish Farmers Association (IFA) , Irish Fellmongers Association , Irish Flour Millers Association , Irish Food Manufacturers Federation , Irish Freight Association , Irish Fresh Meat Exporters Society Ltd. , Irish Gas Association , Irish Grain and Agricultural Merchants Association , Irish Hotel and Restaurant Managers Association , Irish Iron founders Association , Irish Jam Manufacturers Association , Irish Leather Federation , Irish Livestock Exporters and Traders Association Ltd. , Irish Malters Association , Irish Master Boot Makers and Repairers' Association , Irish Motor Traders Association , Irish Packaging Institute , Irish Paint Manufacturers Federation , Irish Paper Box Association , Irish Paper Mills Association Ltd. , Irish Pig Traders and Exporters Association , Irish Potato Merchants Association , Irish Professional Photographers Association , Irish Publishers Association , Irish Racecourse Bookmakers Assistants Association , Irish Retail Newsagents, Booksellers and Stationers Association , Irish Sack Manufacturers Association , Irish Seed and Nursery Trades Association , Irish Ship Owners Association , Irish Soap Trade Association , Irish Society of Wood Cutting Machinists , Irish Stationers and Office Equipment Distributors Association , Irish Structural Steel and Iron Workers Association , Irish Timber Importers Association , Irish Watch and Clock Assemblers Association , Irish Waterproof Raincoat and Leather Garment Manufacturers Association , Irish Whiskey Distillers Association , Irish Wholesale Footwear Association , Irish Wool Federation , Joint organisation of employers and trade unions , Junior Chamber Ireland , Leather Adaptation Council , Licensed Road Transport Association , Linen Cotton and Rayon Manufacturers Association , Margarine Manufacturers Association of Ireland , Master Ecclesiastical, Architectural and Monumental Association , Master Glazers Association , Master Painters Association , National Association of Iron and Steel Merchants (Ireland) , National Film Institute of Ireland , National Wholesale Confectioners Association , Native Timber Merchants Federation (Ireland) , Negotiations of business and employer organisations , Paper, Paper bag and Twine Trade Association , Performing Right Society Ltd. , Pharmaceutical and Allied Industries Adaptation Association , Printing Adaptation Council , Property Owners' Association , Racecourse Owners Association , Retail Association for the Furnishing Trade , RGDATA , Scrap Metal Merchants' Association of Ireland , Society of Irish Motor Traders Ltd. , Soft Drink and Beer Bottlers' Association , Structural Steel Adaptation Council , Surveyors Association , The Building Centre of Ireland , The Tea Council of Ireland Ltd. , Theatre and Cinema Association of Ireland , Trade Association , Trade Protection Society , Union of Employers , Waste Material Dealers of Ireland , Wholesale Confectioners (Sweets) Association , Wholesale Drug Federation of Ireland , Wholesale Fruit Importers and Distributors Association , Wholesale Fruit, Potato and Produce Merchants Association , Wholesale Tea Dealers Association of Ireland , Wholesale Wine and Spirits Merchants Association , Wireless Dealers Association , Assurance Representatives Organisation , Disinfectant and Insecticide Manufacturers Association of Ireland , Federation of Builders, Contractors and Allied Employers of Ireland , Irish Association of Master Bakers , Irish Hotels Federation , Irish Paper Bag Manufacturers Association Ltd. , Licensed Grocers and Vintners Association , Pottery Adaptation Council , Sugar Confectionery Manufacturers Association , Toys and Fancy Goods Association , Women and Children's Garment Manufacturers Adaptation Association ,