Classification: NACE Rev 2
Code: 8622
Label: Specialist medical practice activities
Synonyms: Clinics private consultant activities , Dermatologist (so described) private practice , District community physician , Ear nose and throat specialist (private practice) , Eye specialist (private practice) , Family planning centres without accommodation , General medical consultant (private practice) , Genito urinary specialist (private practice) , Infectious disease specialist (private practice) , Medical consultant (private practice) , Medical consultation and treatment (specialist) , Mental health specialist (private practice) , Morbid anatomy specialist (private practice) , Physician private practice , Physiologist , Private consultants clinics , Psychiatrist (private practice) , Social medicine specialist (private practice) , Specialist medical consultant (private practice) , Specialist medical consultation and treatment , Specialist physician and surgeon (private practice) , Surgeon (private practice) , Urologist (private practice) , Gynaecologist (private practice) , Specialist (not employed full time by a hospital) ,