Classification: NACE Rev 2
Code: 8129
Label: Other cleaning activities
Synonyms: Aeroplane cleaning , Airport runways clearing of snow and ice , Bottle cleaning , Buildings disinfecting and exterminating activities , Bus cleaning , Cleaning of the inside of road and sea tankers , Cleaning services n.e.c. , Council or Corporation cleansing department , Council or Corporation Street cleaning , Dry rot service , Exterminating of insects, rodents and other pests (except agricultural) , Fumigation service (not specially for agriculture) , Hygiene contracting , Industrial equipment cleaning (non-specialised) , Local authority pest control department , Outdoor sweeping and watering of parking lots, streets, paths, public spaces etc. , Pest destruction service (not specially for agriculture) , Pest exterminating , Rat catcher (not specially for agriculture) , Rodent destroying (not agricultural) , Sanding or salting of highways, etc. , Ship disinfecting and exterminating activities , Ship fumigating and scrubbing , Snow and ice cleaning (roads and runways) , Street cleaning and watering , Swimming pool cleaning and maintenance activities , Train cleaning (non-specialised) , Transport equipment cleaning (non-specialised) , Underground train cleaning (non-specialised) , Vermin destroying (not agricultural) , Wood worm preventative treatment service , Wood rot preventative treatment service , Disinfections service , Rental of lavatory cubicles , Train disinfecting and exterminating activities , Beer line cleaning servicres , Cider line cleaning services ,