Classification: NACE Rev 2
Code: 7112
Label: Engineering activities and related technical consultancy
Synonyms: Acoustical engineering design , Aerial survey , Architectural engineering activities , Automotive production design , Borehole surveying , Building structure design for ancillary services , Cartographic and spatial information activities , CCTV surveying and mapping of sewers , Chartered surveyor , Chemical engineering activities , Chemical engineering design projects , Combined architect/engineer , Construction supervision , Consultant civil or structural engineer , Consultant engineer (other than civil or structural) , Corrosion engineering activities , Design consultant for civil and structural engineering , Design consultant for industrial process and production , Design office for civil and structural engineering , Design office for industrial process and production , Digital mapping activities , Dimensional survey activities , Draughtsman for industrial process and production , Electrical and electronic engineering design projects , Electrical engineering consultant , Electrical power systems instrumentation design activities , Electronic design consultant (own account) , Engineer consultant (other than civil or structural) , Engineer consultant design (own account) , Engineering contractor responsible for complete process plant , Engineering design activities for the construction of civil engineering works , Engineering design services for industrial process and production , Engineers' draughtsman (private practice) , Environmental consultants , Environmental engineering consultancy activities , Environmental monitoring , Equipment layout and other plant design services , Exploration for gas or oil , Fire and explosion protection and control consultancy activities , Geodetic surveying activities , Geological surveying for petroleum or natural gas (not geological consultancy) , Geologist (consultant) , Geophysical consultancy activities (engineering related) , Geophysical surveying and mapping , Geophysical, geologic and seismic surveying , Geotechnical engineering consultancy activities , Health and safety and other hazard protection and control consultancy activities , Heating systems for buildings design activities , Hydraulic engineering design projects , Hydro graphic surveying activities , Hydrologist (self-employed) , Industrial consultants (own account) , Industrial engineering activities , Integrated engineering activities for turnkey projects , Jacket substructure design and other foundation design services , Land and boundary surveying activities , Land surveying activities , Land surveyor (not valuer) , Machinery and industrial plant design , Machinery designing , Magneto metric (subsurface) surveying activities , Marine consultant (own account) , Marine surveying , Mechanical and electrical installation for buildings design activities , Mechanical engineering professional , Mechanical, industrial and systems engineering design projects , Micropalaeontogical analysis activities , Mineral prospecting , Mineral surveyor , Mining engineering activities , Mining engineering design projects , Motor vehicle design , Naval architect , Petroleum geologist (private practice) , Petrophysical interpretation activities , Pharmacokinetic (scientific) consultancy , Pipeline design activities , Process engineering contractor , Produce surveying , Project management , Road surveying , Safety engineering activities , Seismic surveying for petroleum , Seismographic surveying , Sewage treatment consultancy activities , Ship surveying , Sub-surface surveying activities , Surveying activities (industrial and engineering) , Surveying industrial and engineering activities , Surveyor (other than valuer) , Systems engineering activities , Technical consultant activities , Telecommunications consultancy activities , Water divining and other scientific prospecting activities , Water management projects , Boundary surveying activities , Core preparation and analysis activities , Engineer consultant (civil or structural) , Geological and prospecting activities , Marine cargo surveying , Natural gas exploration , Quantity surveyor (private practice) , Traffic engineering activities , Project engineering , Energy rating assessor , Data collection with drones