Classification: NACE Rev 2
Code: 6492
Label: Other credit granting
Synonyms: Activities of mortgage finance companies excl. banks and building societies , Agricultural mortgage corporation , Building societies' personal finance subsidiary activities , Check trader activities , Consumer credit granting company other than banks or building societies , Credit card issuer (sole activity - requiring full payment at end of credit period) , Credit Company , Export finance company (other than in banks' sector) , Finance corporation for industry , Finance houses non-deposit taking activities , Hire purchase company other than in banks' sector , Industrial and commercial finance corporation , Industrial banks , International trade financing , Long-term finance to industry by industrial banks , Money lender , Money lending outside the banking system , Pawnbroker (principally lending money) , Ship mortgage finance company , Special finance agency activities , Specialised non-depository institutions granting credit for house purchase , Vehicle fuel credit card services , Venture capital company , Credit card company (sole activity-full payment due at end of credit period) , Loan company (other than in banks' sector) ,