Classification: NACE Rev 2
Code: 5520
Label: Holiday and other short-stay accommodation
Synonyms: Accommodation in cottages and cabins without housekeeping services , Accommodation in visitor flats and bungalows , An Oige - hostel , Apartment letting (holiday) , Children's and other holiday homes , Farmhouse short stay accommodation (self catering) , Holiday and other short stay accommodation, provided in holiday centres and holiday villages , Holiday chalets , Holiday home (not charitable) , Hydro (accommodation) , Inns with letting rooms (short-stay lodgings) , Mountain refuge , Short stay lodging in flats other than in holiday's centres/villages , Short-stay lodging in cottages other than holiday centres/villages , Short-stay lodging in flats in holiday centres/villages , Short-stay lodging in holiday chalets in holiday centres/villages , Short-stay lodgings in holiday chalets other than holiday's centres/villages , Youth hostel , Short-stay lodging in cottages in holiday centres/villages ,