Classification: NACE Rev 2
Code: 5040
Label: Inland freight water transport
Synonyms: Boat owner (inland waters only) freight carrier , Boats with crew rental of for transport of freight (inland) , Canal carrier (freight) , Canal service (freight) , Canal transport (freight) , CIE canal section , Ferry (river or estuary)(freight) , Ferry boat proprietor (inland waterway service)(freight) , Freight over water transport (inland) , Freight vessel rental with crew (inland waterway service) , Inland water transport (freight) , Local authority freight ferry services on rivers, canals and lakes , Port transport (freight) , River ferry (freight) , River transport (freight) , Transport of freight via canals , Transport of freight via lakes , Transport of freight via ports , Transport of freight via rivers , Barge lessee or owner (freight) , Lake steamer service (freight) , Water transport of freight inside harbours and docks ,