Classification: NACE Rev 2
Code: 5020
Label: Sea and coastal freight water transport
Synonyms: Anchor handling services , Anti-pollution vessel services , Barges transport by towing or pushing , Boats with crew rental for transport of freight (by sea) , Cable-laying vessel services , Cargo sea vessel , CIE sea transport , Coastal water transport (freight) , Ferry (sea) freight , Freight over water transport (by sea or costal) , Freight shipping service (sea and coastal) , Heavy lift vessel services , Marine tow out services , Merchant navy , Merchant vessel (coastal) , Offshore supply vessel services , Oil-rigs transport by towing or pushing , Rental of vessels with crew for coastal freight water transport , Rental of vessels with crew for sea freight water transport , Sea water transport (freight) , Ship owner (sea transport) freight , Shipping company (sea) , Shipping service freight , Ships with crew rental (freight) , Standby vessel services , Transport by towing or pushing of barges (except inland waterway) , Transport of freight over seas and coastal waters (whether scheduled or not) , Tug boat (for sea barge on domestic coastal route) , Tug boat (for servicing off shore installation) , Tug boat service (for inland waterway) , Waterborne freight transport (except for inland waterway service) , Launch barge services , Shipping company (coastal) , Tug lessee or owner (inland waterways service) ,