Classification: NACE Rev 2
Code: 4939
Label: Other passenger land transport n.e.c.
Synonyms: Airport shuttles , Animal-drawn vehicles , Bus excursions private , Bus excursions state , Bus service (state - Bus Éireann) (interurban) , Bus service long distance scheduled , Bus service private (non-scheduled) , Bus service private operator (interurban) , Bus service state (non scheduled) , Buses operated for transport of employees , Charters, excursions and other occasional coach services , Coach hire , Express coach service (interurban) , Factory bus service , Hiring of motor coaches (state) , Hiring of private motor coaches (with driver) (interurban) , Inter-city coach services on scheduled routes , Jarveying (horse & trap) , Lift operating company , Lift operator , Motor coach private hire (with driver) , Motor coach proprietor (so described) private (non-scheduled) , Motor coach service (private) scheduled (interurban) , Motor coach service (public) scheduled (interurban) , Motor coach service public (with driver) , Motor coach tours - public , Non-scheduled passenger transport n.e.c. , Operation of teleferics, funiculars , Passenger transport by man-drawn vehicles , Private bus tours , Public service vehicle operator (interurban) , Scheduled long-distance bus services , Sightseeing buses operation , Ski and cable lifts operation , Airline coach service (interurban) , Coach services non-scheduled , Motor coach proprietor (so described) private scheduled (interurban) , School bus service ,