Classification: NACE Rev 2
Code: 4677
Label: Wholesale of waste and scrap
Synonyms: Boiler breaking for scrap , Bottle sorting and washing , Car breakers , Car dismantlers wholesale , Collecting, sorting, separating, stripping of used goods to obtain reusable parts wholesale , Computer dismantling for scrap wholesale , Confidential waste disposal , Cotton rags wholesale (including shaking breaking and opening) , Cotton waste wholesale , Engine cleaning waste wholesale , Fat and bone collector (own account) , Glass waste wholesale , Knacker (so described) , Marine store waste dealer , Metal and non-metal waste and scrap and materials for recycling wholesale , Metal broker (scrap metal) , Motor vehicle salvage , Old iron merchant , Packing, repacking, storage and delivery of waste and scrap without transformation wholesale , Rag merchant , Rags and bones wholesale , Sawdust wholesale , Scrap iron dealer , Scrap leather wholesale , Scrap merchant (general dealer) , Scrap metal breaking, cutting, collecting, compressing and sorting etc. (by dealer) , Scrap wholesale , Tailors' trimmings wholesale , Television dismantling for scrap wholesale , Textile waste wholesale , Upholsterers' trimmings wholesale , Wash and fat contracting (waste collecting) , Waste and scrap exporter wholesale , Waste paper sorting and wholesale , Waste string wholesale , Waste wholesale , Wholesale of second-hand building and construction materials , Woollen rag wholesale , Motor car breaking for scrap , Scrap metal wholesale , Waste rubber wholesale ,