Classification: NACE Rev 2
Code: 4674
Label: Wholesale of hardware, plumbing and heating equipment and supplies
Synonyms: Barbed wire and stranded wire wholesale , Drainpipes wholesale , Fixtures and fittings wholesale , Gardening tools wholesale , Hammers wholesale , Hand tools such as hammers saws wholesale , Hardware and locks wholesale , Hardware equipment and supplies wholesale , Hardware, plumbing and heating equipment wholesale , Heat insulated tanks for central heating wholesale , Heating equipment and supplies wholesale , Hot water heaters wholesale , Ironmongery wholesale , Locks wholesale , Nails, tacks drawing pins and staples wholesale , Plumbers' merchant , Plumbing equipment and supplies wholesale , Plumbing materials wholesale , Reservoirs, tanks and containers of metal for central heating (300 litres or more) wholesale , Sanitary installation connections, rubber pipes wholesale , Sanitary installation taps, T-pieces wholesale , Sanitary installation tubes, pipes, fittings wholesale , Saws and saw blades wholesale , Saws, screwdrivers and similar hand tools wholesale , Screwdrivers wholesale , Threaded and non-threaded fasteners wholesale , Tool handles wholesale , Tools wholesale , Twine wholesale , Ventilation equipment wholesale , Wire netting wholesale , Wire wholesale , Sanitary installation equipment wholesale ,