Classification: NACE Rev 2
Code: 4652
Label: Wholesale of electronic and telecommunications equipment and parts
Synonyms: Blank audio and videotapes and diskettes, magnetic and optical disks CDs, DVDs wholesale of , Cathode-ray oscilloscopes and cathode-ray oscillographs wholesale , Cathode-ray television picture tubes, television camera tubes, other cathode-ray tubes wholesale , Diodes, transistors, thyristors, diacs and triacs wholesale , Direction finding compasses, other navigational instruments and appliances electronic wholesale , Electronic and telecommunications equipment and parts wholesale , Electronic components wholesale , Electronic integrated circuits and micro-assemblies wholesale , Electronic machinery, apparatus and materials for professional use wholesale , Electronic parts and equipment (other) wholesale , Electronic valves and tubes wholesale of , Instruments for measuring flow, level, pressure etc. of liquids or gases electronic wholesale , Integrated circuits wholesale , Light emitting diodes wholesale , Line telegraphy or telegraphy apparatus wholesale , Magnetrons, klystrons and microwave tubes wholesale , Microchips wholesale , Mounted piezo-electric crystals wholesale , Printed circuits wholesale , Radar apparatus wholesale , Radio navigational aid apparatus wholesale , Radio remote control apparatus wholesale , Reception apparatus for radiotelephony or telegraphy for professional use wholesale , Satellite navigation wholesale , Semi-conductor devices wholesale , Sensors wholesale , Telecommunication instruments and apparatus wholesale , Telecommunications machinery, equipment and materials for professional use wholesale , Telephone and communications equipment wholesale , Television cameras for professional use wholesale , Transmission kit for radiotelephony and telegraphy, radio or television broadcasting wholesale , X-ray, alpha, beta or gamma radiation apparatus wholesale , Instruments and apparatus for measuring electrical quantities electronic wholesale ,