Classification: NACE Rev 2
Code: 4643
Label: Wholesale of electrical household appliances
Synonyms: Audio separates wholesale , Burglar and fire alarms for household use wholesale , CD players wholesale , CD's recorded wholesale , Clothes washing and drying machines for domestic use wholesale , Co-axial cable and co-axial conductors for domestic use wholesale , Compact disc player wholesale , Compact discs wholesale , Domestic appliances wholesale , Domestic machinery wholesale , DVD player wholesale , DVD's recorded wholesale , Electric blankets wholesale , Electrical accessories wholesale , Electrical appliances wholesale , Electrical fittings wholesale , Electrical goods wholesale , Electrical heating appliances wholesale , Electrical installation equipment for domestic use wholesale , Electro-thermic hairdressing or hand drying apparatus wholesale , Fans and ventilating or recycling hoods for domestic use wholesale , Gramophone records wholesale , Gramophone records, recorded tapes, CD's etc. and equipment for playing them wholesale , Immersion heaters wholesale , Instantaneous or storage water heaters (electric) wholesale , Microwave ovens wholesale , Optical goods wholesale , Ovens, cookers, cooking plates, boiling rings, grillers and roasters wholesale , Photographic flashbulbs and flashcubes wholesale , Plugs, sockets and other apparatus for protecting electrical circuits for domestic use wholesale , Primary cells and primary batteries for domestic use wholesale , Radio and television wholesale , Radio, television and electrical household equipment n.e.c. exporter wholesale , Record players wholesale , Recorded audio and video tapes, CD's, DVD's and the equipment on which these are played wholesale , Refrigerators and freezers for domestic use wholesale , Shavers and hair clippers with self-contained motors wholesale , Smoothing irons (electric) wholesale , Space heating and soil heating apparatus (electric) wholesale , Tapes recorded wholesale , Tapes wholesale , Television goods wholesale , Videos tapes recorded wholesale , Videos wholesale , Wires for domestic use wholesale , Dish washing machines for domestic use wholesale , Household appliances electrical wholesale , Photographic and optical goods wholesale , Television cameras for domestic use wholesale ,