Classification: NACE Rev 2
Code: 4618
Label: Agents specialised in the sale of other particular products
Synonyms: Adhesive dressings, catgut and similar materials agent , Amides and their derivatives and salts agent , Animal feeding stuffs agent , Antibiotics agent , Antisera and vaccines agent , Artists', students' and sign board painters' colours, modifying tints and similar agent , Auctioneer of fine art , Audio visual service - for conferences and businesses , Beauty, make-up and skin-care preparations including sun tan preparations agent , Cardboard and plastic baling machines sale , Chemical contraceptive preparations based on hormones or spermicidal agent , Cosmetics agent , Diagnostic reagents and other pharmaceutical products agent , Diamond broker agent , First aid boxes agent , Glands and other organs, extracts thereof and other human or animal substances agent , Glycosides, vegetable alkaloids, their salts, ethers, esters and other derivatives agent , Grain broker or agent , Hormones and their derivatives agent , Jewellery agent , Lip make-up and eye make-up preparations agent , Lysine, glutamic acid and their salts agent , Manicure and pedicure preparations agent , Man-made fibre waste agent , Medical goods agent , Medicaments containing hormones (not antibiotics) agent , Medicaments containing penicillin's or other antibiotics agent , Musical instruments agent , Oral and dental hygiene preparations including denture fixative pastes and powders agent , Perfumery, cosmetic and toilet and bath preparations agent , Pharmaceutical goods agent , Photographic equipment agent , Photographic paper agent , Photographic plates and film and instant print film agent , Posphoaminolipids agent , Powders for cosmetic or toilet use agent , Provitamins, vitamins and their derivatives agent , Quaternary ammonium salts and hydroxides agent , Recycling equipment agent , Refurbishment of portable offices agent , Sails for boats, sailboards or land craft agents , Salicylic acids, o-acetylsalicylic acid and their salts and esters agent , Shampoos, hair lacquers and permanent waving or straightening preparations agent , Sleeping bags agent , Soap and organic surface-active products and preparations for use as soap agent , Soft goods agent , Sourcing agent for products from abroad , Sporting goods agent , Stationery agent , Steroids used primarily as hormones agent , Sugar ethers, sugar esters and their salts and chemically pure sugar agent , Sulphonamides agent , Tents and other camping goods agent , Unrecorded media for sound recording or similar recording of other phenomena agent , Waste and scrap agent , Wood chipper agent , Amusement goods agent , Chemical preparations and sensitised emulsions for photographic use agent , Natural cork in plates, sheets, strips, crushed, granulated or ground agent , Shaving preparations, personal deodorants and antiperspirants agent ,