Classification: NACE Rev 2
Code: 4322
Label: Plumbing, heat and air-conditioning installation
Synonyms: Air conditioning contracting , Air conditioning equipment and ducts installation of , Air conditioning plant installation , Air conditioning units, maintenance and repair , Building installations general technical repair and maintenance , Cooling towers construction , Duct work installation , Electrical heating systems installation , Furnaces installation , Gas appliances service and repair , Gas fittings installation , Heating and ventilation apparatus installation , Heating engineering (buildings) (gas and oil) , Heating service contracting , Heating systems (electrical) installation , Installation of cold rooms , Installation of electric solar energy collectors , Installation of fire sprinkler systems , Installation of gas heating systems , Installation of gas meters , Installation of oil heating systems , Installation of refrigeration , Plumbing contractor , Plumbing installation , Repair and maintenance of domestic boilers , Repair and maintenance of office, shop and computer centre air conditioning , Sanitary engineering for buildings , Sanitary equipment installation , Small installation of gas appliances , Solar energy collectors (non-electric) installation , Sprinkler systems (lawn) installation , Sprinkler systems installation , Steam piping installation , Ventilation installation , Heating and plumbing contracting , Hot water engineer , Maintenance of air conditioning units (no retail or manufacturing element involved) , Repair, maintenance and installation of central heating boilers and radiators , Repair and maintenance of non-domestic central heating boilers ,