Classification: NACE Rev 2
Code: 3822
Label: Treatment and disposal of hazardous waste
Synonyms: Council or Corporation Environmental Health (treatment and disposal of hazardous waste) , Disposal of used goods such as refrigerators to eliminate harmful waste , Encapsulation, preparation of nuclear waste for storage , Industrial waste disposal (hazardous waste) , Operation of facilities for treatment of hazardous waste , Radio active nuclear waste treatment and disposal , Radioactive waste treatment , Refrigerator disposal , Refuse disposal plant or tip (Council or Corporation) (hazardous waste) , Refuse disposal service (not specially for agriculture) (hazardous waste) , Refuse disposal tip operator (hazardous waste) , Toxic live or dead animals treatment and disposal , Toxic waste treatment service , Treatment and disposal of foul liquids (e.g. leachate) , Treatment and disposal of hazardous waste , Treatment and disposal of nuclear waste , Treatment and disposal of radioactive waste from hospitals, etc. , Treatment, disposal and storage of radioactive nuclear waste , Waste disposal (non-sewage) (hazardous waste) , Waste incineration (hazardous waste) , Transition radioactive waste treatment and disposal ,