Classification: NACE Rev 2
Code: 3299
Label: Other manufacturing n.e.c.
Synonyms: Amber turning mfr , Architectural model mfr , Artificial flower (textile) mfr , Artificial flowers and fruit made of textiles mfr , Ballpoint pen (and refill) mfr , Bladder dressing mfr , Boiler covering (not asbestos or slag wool) mfr , Boiler packing (not asbestos or slag wool) mfr , Bone working , Breathing apparatus for diving mfr , Briar pipe mfr , Button carding mfr , Button covering mfr , Buttons and button bases (not metal or glass) mfr , Buttons made of glass mfr , Candle mfr , Carbon ribbon mfr , Carry cot mfr , Cartridge refill for fountain pen mfr , Catgut mfr , Chalk for drawing or writing mfr , Chalk mfr , Cigar holder mfr , Cigarette lighter mfr , Coffin board mfr , Coffins made of wood mfr , Collar stud mfr , Comb (horn and tortoise shell) mfr , Conjuring apparatus mfr , Cork buoyancy apparatus mfr , Cork life preservers mfr , Crayon mfr , Date sealing stamps mfr , Date stamp and accessories mfr , Devotional article mfr , Ear and nose plugs mfr , Embossing devices (hand operated) for labels mfr , False beard mfr , False eyebrow mfr , Feather ornament mfr , Felt tipped pen mfr , Fibre tipped pen mfr , Fire-fighting protection suits mfr , Firelighter mfr , Fire-resistant and protective safety clothing mfr , Flint (for lighters) mfr , Fountain pen mfr , Fountain pen nib mfr , Fruit and foliage (textile) mfr , Gas masks mfr , Geographical model (wax plaster) mfr , Glass button mfr , Globes mfr , Gut for musical instruments and sports goods mfr , Gut scraping and spinning , Hair pad making mfr , Hair preparation for wig making mfr , Hair slides mfr , Hand riddles mfr , Hand sieves mfr , Handle cutlery (horn ivory tortoise shell etc) mfr , Hard hats and other personal safety equipment of plastics mfr , Helmet safety plastics mfr , Horn and tortoise shell working , Horn pressing , Industrial protective headgear mfr , Instrument for educational or exhibition purpose mfr , Ivory working , Jokes and novelties mfr , Life vests mfr , Lifebelts made of cork mfr , Lifebelts mfr , Lifejacket made of cork mfr , Lifejacket mfr , Lighter fuel in containers not exceeding 300cc (liquid or liquefied gas) mfr , Linemen's safety belts and other belts for occupational use mfr , Marker pen mfr , Models for educational or exhibition purposes mfr , Models for geographical use made of wax or plaster mfr , Models made of plaster mfr , Models made of wax mfr , Natural sponge preparation mfr , Numbering stamps mfr , Packing boiler (not asbestos or slag wool) mfr , Paper hat mfr , Parasol mfr , Pastel mfr , Pen nib mfr , Pencil leads mfr , Pencil mfr , Pencil propelling mfr , Pens for writing or drawing mfr , Personal safety devices of metal mfr , Pipe (smoker's) mfr , Plaster cast mfr , Plaster model mfr , Press-fasteners mfr , Printing devices hand-operated mfr , Propelling pencil mfr , Protective gloves for industrial use mfr , Protective headgear (not plastics) mfr , Protective headgear for industrial use mfr , Protective safety equipment mfr , Roller pens and refills mfr , Rubber stamp mfr , Safety headgear made of metal mfr , Safety helmets made of plastic mfr , Scent sprays mfr , Scientific model for educational and exhibition purposes mfr , Sealing stamps mfr , Seals for use with sealing wax mfr , Slide fasteners mfr , Smoker's requisite mfr , Smoking pipes mfr , Snap-fasteners mfr , Sponge bleaching mfr , Sponge dressing mfr , Sponge natural preparation mfr , Stylographic pen mfr , Sun car mfr , Sunshade mfr , Sun-umbrellas mfr , Tailors' chalk mfr , Tailors' dummy (not plastic) mfr , Tapers and the like mfr , Taxidermy activities mfr , Trainer (electronic training equipment) mfr , Typewriter ribbon mfr , Umbrella mfr , Vacuum flask (complete) mfr , Vacuum jar mfr , Vacuum vessels for personal or household use mfr , Walking sticks made of wooden mfr , Walking sticks mfr , Whalebone cutting and splitting mfr , Whiting and prepared chalk mfr , Wig mfr , Wooden caskets and cases mfr , Writing instrument sets mfr , Artificial flowers and fruit made of plastic mfr , Bed folder mfr , Buoyancy apparatus made of cork mfr , Cigarette holder mfr , Cutlery handles made of horn, ivory, tortoise shell, etc. mfr , Gauntlet (protective) mfr , Hand printing sets mfr , Ink pad mfr , Lifebuoy made of cork mfr , Nightlight (candle) mfr , Penholder mfr , Press stud mfr , Ribbon (inked) mfr , Seat-sticks mfr , Sponge trimming mfr , Toothpick (bone) mfr , Wax model mfr , Inflatable rubber life vests mfr ,