Classification: NACE Rev 2
Code: 3250
Label: Manufacture of medical and dental instruments and supplies
Synonyms: Absorbable haemostatics mfr , Adhesive plaster and surgical bandage mfr , Anaesthetic equipment mfr , Apparatus used for medical/surgical/dental or veterinary purposes mfr , Artificial eye mfr , Artificial limb mfr , Artificial respiration equipment mfr , Artificial teeth mfr , Aseptic hospital furniture mfr , Audiometers mfr , Autoclave mfr , Bone plates and screws mfr , Bone reconstruction cements mfr , Bridges made in dental labs mfr , Cannulae mfr , Cardiac pacemakers mfr , Catheter mfr , Cautery and light unit mfr , Contact lens mfr , Corrective glasses mfr , Cotton wool mfr , Crutches mfr , Cutter for dental use mfr , Dental brush mfr , Dental cement mfr , Dental chair mfr , Dental drill engines mfr , Dental drill mfr , Dental fillings and cements mfr , Dental Laboratory furnaces mfr , Dental laboratory instrument and equipment mfr , Dental mirror mfr , Dental surgical instrument and equipment mfr , Denture mfr , Diathermy apparatus mfr , Dissecting instrument mfr , Foot support mfr , Furniture for medical, surgical, dental or veterinary use mfr , Goggles mfr , Hospital beds with mechanical fittings mfr , Hypodermic syringe and equipment mfr , Instep support mfr , Laboratory centrifuges mfr , Laboratory sterlilisers mfr , Laboratory type distilling apparatus mfr , Laminaria mfr , Laser surgical apparatus mfr , Lithotriptors mfr , Mask and respirator (not medical) mfr , Massage apparatus mfr , Mechano-therapy appliances mfr , Medical appliances mfr , Medical instrument (non optical) mfr , Medical nucleonic apparatus mfr , Medical rubber dressings mfr , Medical rubber goods (not dressings) mfr , Medical thermometers mfr , Medical, surgical, dental or veterinary examination table's mfr , Medical, surgical, dental or veterinary operating tables mfr , Monocle mfr , Myograph mfr , Needles used in medicine mfr , Nucleonic medical apparatus mfr , Operating tables mfr , Ophthalmic eyeglasses mfr , Ophthalmic instrument mfr , Ophthalmic lenses ground to prescription, safety goggles mfr , Optical element (unmounted) mfr , Optometer mfr , Orthopaedic and prosthetic devices mfr , Orthopaedic appliance (not footwear) mfr , Orthopaedic footwear mfr , Oxygen breathing equipment for medical use mfr , Oxygen therapy apparatus mfr , Ozone therapy apparatus mfr , Prosthetic devices , Protective glasses mfr , Psychological testing apparatus mfr , Psychology testing apparatus mfr , Reading glasses mfr , Reflectors used in medicine mfr , Respirator and mask for medical use mfr , Resuscitation equipment mfr , Sheep and cattle dressings mfr , Spectacle frame mfr , Spectacle glass mfr , Spectacle lens mfr , Spectacle mounts mfr , Spectacles mfr , Splints mfr , Sterilisers mfr , Sterilising equipment for medical use mfr , Sunglasses mfr , Surgical boot mfr , Surgical corset mfr , Surgical drapes and sterile string and tissue mfr , Surgical equipment mfr , Surgical gut string mfr , Surgical hosiery mfr , Surgical instrument mfr , Surgical rubber goods mfr , Surgical sutures mfr , Surgical truss mfr , Syringes mfr , Traction or suspension devices for medical beds mfr , Transfusion apparatus mfr , Transfusion pods mfr , Urine bottle holders and other accessories for medical beds mfr , Vascular prostheses mfr , Veterinary equipment mfr , Zimmer frames and other walking aids mfr , Artificial parts for the heart mfr , Centrifuge (laboratory type) mfr , Dental instrument mfr , Glass eyes mfr , Laboratory ultrasonic cleaning machinery mfr , Mirrors for medical use mfr , Optical element (mounted, (not photographic)) mfr , Scintigraphy apparatus mfr , Surgical belts mfr , Surgical lint mfr , Rubber gloves (medical) mfr , Rubber gloves (surgical or electricians) mfr ,