Classification: NACE Rev 2
Code: 3240
Label: Manufacture of games and toys
Synonyms: Action figure mfr , Amusement (automatic slot) machine mfr , Billiard ball mfr , Billiard cue mfr , Billiard table mfr , Board game mfr , Boxed game mfr , Cardboard toy mfr , Chess (electronic) mfr , Chess set mfr , Coin-operated games mfr , Construction model mfr , Construction sets mfr , Constructional toy mfr , Cue for billiards or snooker mfr , Dart mfr , Dartboard mfr , Dolls (not rubber) mfr , Dolls' clothes mfr , Dolls' houses mfr , Dolls made of rubber mfr , Dolls' prams mfr , Draughts set mfr , Electronic domestic games mfr , Funfair articles mfr , Funfair games mfr , Games for professional and arcade use mfr , Gaming (automatic slot) machine mfr , Indoors game mfr , Jig saw puzzle mfr , Mechanical toy mfr , Model kit mfr , Models for recreational use mfr , Paper toy and game mfr , Plastic game mfr , Playing cards mfr , Puppet (not of rubber) mfr , Push toy on wheels mfr , Puzzles mfr , Reduced-size (scale) models mfr , Reduced-size scale model electrical trains mfr , Reduced-size scale models construction sets mfr , Soft toys (not of rubber) mfr , Stuffed toy mfr , Table or parlour games mfr , Tables for casino games mfr , Technical toy mfr , Toy animal mfr , Toy balloon mfr , Toy car circuit (electric) mfr , Toy cars (electric) mfr , Toy cars (pedal) mfr , Toy furniture mfr , Toy guns (not operated by compressed air) mfr , Toy perambulators and pushchairs mfr , Toy pushcart mfr , Toy trains (electric) mfr , Toy wheelbarrow mfr , Toys (mechanical) mfr , Toys and games (electronic) mfr , Toys and games made of paper mfr , Toys and games made of wood mfr , Toys for professional and arcade use mfr , Toys made of cardboard mfr , Toys made of metal mfr , Toys made of plastic mfr , Toys made of rubber mfr , Tricycles for children mfr , Video games mfr , Wheeled toys designed to be ridden mfr , Wooden toy and game mfr , Bagatelle board mfr , Children's scooter mfr , Dolls' cots mfr , Games and toys mfr , Pedal for toy car mfr , Scooters for children mfr , Toy musical instruments including electronic mfr , Wheelbarrow toy mfr ,