Classification: NACE Rev 2
Code: 3109
Label: Manufacture of other furniture
Synonyms: Armchair (non upholstered) mfr , Armchair (upholstered) mfr , Basket chair mfr , Basket furniture mfr , Bed heads made of metal mfr , Bed settee mfr , Bedroom furniture (other than mattresses and mattress supports) mfr , Bedsteads made of metal mfr , Bedsteads made of wood mfr , Bench seat (upholstered) mfr , Bentwood furniture mfr , Bookcase made of wood mfr , Bunk beds made of metal mfr , Bunk beds made of wood mfr , Cabinet case made of wood mfr , Cabinets for televisions mfr , Camp furniture made of wood mfr , Cane chair mfr , Cane furniture mfr , Chair (non upholstered) mfr , Chair (upholstered) mfr , Chair frames made of wood mfr , Chair seating made of cane or wicker mfr , Chairs made of metal mfr , Chairs made of plastic mfr , Chaise lounge mfr , Chest of drawers mfr , Coffee table mfr , Component for furniture wooden mfr , Convertible (furniture) mfr , Cot frame mfr , Couch mfr , Cupboard mfr , Deck chairs made of wood mfr , Dining table mfr , Dressing table mfr , Finishing of furniture such as spraying, painting, french polishing and upholstering mfr , Finishing of furniture such as upholstery of chairs and seats mfr , Fire screen mfr , Folding bed mfr , Frames for mattress support made of wood mfr , French polishers and spray contractors mfr , French polishing mfr , Furniture basket mfr , Furniture components made of wood mfr , Furniture finishing mfr , Furniture for bedrooms, living rooms, gardens etc mfr , Furniture kit mfr , Furniture parts made of wood mfr , Garden chair mfr , Garden chairs made from a wooden frame mfr , Garden furniture mfr , Garden seat mfr , Gramophone cabinet mfr , Hall stand mfr , Ice box made of wood mfr , Ice chest made of wood mfr , Insulated cabinets made of wood mfr , Lacquering, varnishing and gilding of furniture mfr , Living room furniture mfr , Metal framed upholstery for seating mfr , Nursery furniture mfr , Ottoman mfr , Outdoors metal furniture mfr , Outdoor seating (upholstered) mfr , Parts of furniture wooden mfr , Plastic shell upholstery mfr , Plastics other furniture mfr , Radio cabinet made of wood mfr , Record player cabinet made of wood mfr , Room divide system mfr , Rustic furniture mfr , Seating made of metal (not for road vehicle or aircraft) mfr , Seating mfr , Settee mfr , Sideboard mfr , Sofa bed mfr , Sofa sets mfr , Spraying of furniture mfr , Storage cabinets for domestic use mfr , Studio couch mfr , Tables for domestic use mfr , Tables for turn-tables (wooden) mfr , Television cabinet made of wood mfr , Turn-tables for record decks made of wood mfr , Unit furniture (non upholstered) mfr , Unit seating for domestic use (upholstered) mfr , Upholstered chair mfr , Upholstered furniture (other than chairs and seats) mfr , Upholstered seats mfr , Wall unit mfr , Wardrobe mfr , Wardrobes made of metal mfr , Wicker furniture mfr , Work benches made of wood mfr , Bamboo furniture (other than seating) mfr , Cabinets for sewing machines mfr , Cocktail cabinet mfr , Display cabinet for domestic use mfr , Furniture made of bamboo (other than seating) mfr , Outdoor furniture (non upholstered) mfr , Sofa mfr , Tape recorder cabinet made of wood mfr , Woven fibre furniture mfr ,