Classification: NACE Rev 2
Code: 3030
Label: Manufacture of air and spacecraft and related machinery
Synonyms: Aero engine manufacture (all types) mfr , Aeroplanes mfr , Aerospace equipment mfr , Air cushion vehicle mfr , Aircraft brakes (not brake lining) mfr , Aircraft galley mfr , Aircraft mfr , Aircraft propeller mfr , Aircraft seat mfr , Airframe mfr , Airframe parts and sub assemblies (not electric) mfr , Airscrew mfr , Airship mfr , Anti-icing equipment and systems for aircraft mfr , Auxiliary power unit for aircraft mfr , Balloon (not toy) mfr , Control surfaces for aircraft mfr , Dirigibles mfr , Doors for aircraft mfr , Ejector seat for aircraft mfr , Electronic flight simulator mfr , Engines for aircraft mfr , Flight simulator (electronic) mfr , Fuel tanks for aircraft mfr , Fuselages for aircraft mfr , Glider mfr , Ground effect vehicle mfr , Ground equipment for spacecraft (excl electronic or telemetric equipment) mfr , Ground flying trainer's mfr , Helicopter mfr , Helicopter rotors for aircraft mfr , Hot air balloons mfr , Intercontinental ballistic (ICBM) and similar missiles mfr , Jet engine mfr , Kite (not toy) mfr , Landing gear for aircraft mfr , Motors and engines of a kind typically found on aircraft mfr , Motors for aircraft mfr , Nacelles for aircraft mfr , Nozzle for gas turbine aero engine mfr , Orbital stations mfr , Overhaul and conversion of aircraft or aircraft engines mfr , Planetary probes mfr , Power control for aircraft mfr , Propeller for aircraft mfr , Propeller rotor blades mfr , Rocket (aerospace) mfr , Rotor blades for aircraft mfr , Safety belt or harness for aircraft crew or passengers mfr , Sailplane mfr , Satellites mfr , Seats for aircraft mfr , Space shuttles mfr , Spacecraft mfr , Turbo-jets and parts for aircraft mfr , Wings for aircraft mfr , Aircraft parts and sub assemblies (not electric) mfr , De icing equipment for aircraft mfr , Hang gliders mfr , Launch vehicle for spacecraft mfr , Rocket motor mfr , Turbo-propellers and parts for aircraft mfr , Unmanned aerial Vehicles ,