Classification: NACE Rev 2
Code: 3012
Label: Building of pleasure and sporting boats
Synonyms: Boat building and repairing , Boat kits for assembly mfr , Building of motor boats mfr , Building of recreation-type hovercraft mfr , Building of sailboats with or without auxiliary motor mfr , Canal cruiser mfr , Catamaran mfr , Cleat for pleasure boat mfr , Collapsible boat (not inflatable dinghy) mfr , Dinghy made of rubber mfr , Folding boat made of rubber mfr , Houseboat mfr , Hovercraft recreation-type mfr , Inflatable boats mfr , Inflatable dinghy made of rubber mfr , Inflatable life raft made of rubber mfr , Inflatable rafts mfr , Kayaks building mfr , Leisure craft made of rubber mfr , Masts and spars for pleasure boats mfr , Motor boats mfr , Personal watercraft mfr , Pleasure and sporting boats mfr , Power boats of all types mfr , Punt mfr , Rowing boat mfr , Sailboat building mfr , Sailing boat less than 100 gross tons mfr , Skiff building mfr , Yacht building mfr , Canoe mfr , Inflatable motorboats mfr , Refitting pleasure craft mfr ,