Classification: NACE Rev 2
Code: 3011
Label: Building of ships and floating structures
Synonyms: Barge (river and sea going) mfr , Beacon (for shipping) mfr , Building of commercial vessels mfr , Building of ferry-boats mfr , Building of fish-processing factory vessels mfr , Building of passenger vessels mfr , Bulk carrier (cargo ship) mfr , Buoys (not plastics) mfr , Buoys made of plastic mfr , Caisson mfr , Cargo ship mfr , Cementing of ships mfr , Coffer-dams construction mfr , Construction of drilling platforms, floating or submersible mfr , Construction of non-recreational inflatable rafts mfr , Container ship mfr , Deck for oil platform mfr , Decking for ships mfr , Dredger mfr , Drilling rig offshore (floating) mfr , Drilling ship mfr , Ferry mfr , Fishing boats mfr , Fishing vessel mfr , Fleet tender mfr , Floating docks construction mfr , Floating harbour mfr , Floating landing stages construction mfr , Floating tanks construction mfr , Flotation vessel of steel for oil platform mfr , Harbour (floating) mfr , Hovercraft (except recreation-type hovercraft) mfr , Hydrofoil mfr , Landing stage (floating) mfr , Life raft (not rubber inflatable) mfr , Lifeboat mfr , Lifebuoy made of rubber mfr , Lightship mfr , Liner (ship) mfr , Masts and spars for ships mfr , Model ship made by shipbuilder mfr , Module (tubular) for oil rig mfr , Modules for oil platform mfr , Naval dockyard (shipbuilding and repairing) mfr , Naval ships (of all types) mfr , Offshore support vessel mfr , Oil platform fabrication of steel plate mfr , Oil platform structural sections mfr , Painting of ships mfr , Passenger cargo liner mfr , Passenger vessels building mfr , Platform for drilling rig mfr , Pontoons construction mfr , Refitting ship mfr , Research vessel mfr , Salvage vessel mfr , Sea going luxury yacht (of 100 gross tons or more) mfr , Ship cementing mfr , Ship conversion mfr , Ship refitting mfr , Ship's beacon mfr , Ship's decking mfr , Ship's furniture mfr , Ship's model (made by shipbuilder) mfr , Sludge vessel mfr , Submarine mfr , Tanker (ship) mfr , Trawler mfr , Tubular modules for oil rigs mfr , Tug mfr , Vehicle transport (ship) mfr , Warship mfr , Cable ship mfr , Conversions of ships mfr , Floating crane mfr , Jacket leg of steel plate for oil platform mfr , Lighter (ship) mfr , Offshore floating drilling rig mfr , Ship building , Ship's mast and spar mfr , Whaler mfr ,