Classification: NACE Rev 2
Code: 2931
Label: Manufacture of electrical and electronic equipment for motor vehicles
Synonyms: Alternator for vehicle mfr , Auto electrical equipment mfr , Coil ignition mfr , Dashboard instrument (electric) mfr , Defrosting and demisting equipment (for vehicle) mfr , Demisters electrical mfr , Dynamo for vehicle mfr , Electric products for horn mfr , Electrical equipment for engines and vehicles mfr , Electrical equipment for vehicles and aircraft mfr , Generators (dynamos alternators) mfr , Glow plugs mfr , Horns for motor vehicle (electric) mfr , Ignition coil mfr , Ignition equipment (other than coils and magnetos) mfr , Ignition magnetos mfr , Indicating measuring instrument for vehicles and aircraft (electric) mfr , Indicator panel mfr , Insulating fittings (other than ceramic for vehicles and aircraft) mfr , Magneto mfr , Magneto-dynamos mfr , Motor vehicle electrical generators mfr , Motor vehicle electrical ignition wiring harnesses mfr , Motor vehicle electrical power window and door systems mfr , Sirens for motor vehicles mfr , Sound or visual signalling equipment for cycles and motor vehicles mfr , Sparking plug mfr , Starter motor for vehicles mfr , Traffic indicators for motor vehicles mfr , Voltage regulators for vehicles mfr , Windscreen wiper mfr , Wiring sets for motor vehicles mfr , Electrical and electronic equipment for motor vehicles mfr , Motor vehicle purchased gauges into instrument panels mfr , Sound signalling burglar alarms, electrical, for motor vehicles mfr ,