Classification: NACE Rev 2
Code: 2910
Label: Manufacture of motor vehicles
Synonyms: Amphibious vehicles mfr , Armoured car (except military fighting vehicles) mfr , ATVs, go-carts and similar including race cars mfr , Breakdown lorry mfr , Bus mfr , Car (3 or 4 wheeled) mfr , Cars mfr , Chassis fitted with engine mfr , Chassis for motor vehicles mfr , Chassis with engine for commercial vehicle mfr , Coach engine mfr , Coach mfr , Commercial vehicles mfr , Concrete-mixer lorries mfr , Crane lorry mfr , Dump truck mfr , Engine block for motor vehicle (finished) mfr , Engine components including bearings for motor vehicles mfr , Engine for motor vehicle mfr , Engines (internal combustion) for motor vehicles mfr , Estate car mfr , Factory rebuilding of motor vehicle engines mfr , Fire engine mfr , Fire tender mfr , Heavy goods vehicle mfr , Internal combustion engine for motor vehicles mfr , Internal combustion engines for tractors mfr , Kd sets for commercial vehicles at least 50% of value of complete vehicle mfr , Lorry mfr , Minibus mfr , Mobile library (not trailer) mfr , Mobile x ray unit (not trailer) mfr , Motor car mfr , Motor coach mfr , Motor vehicle commercial mfr , Motor vehicle engine mfr , Motor vehicle reconditioning by manufacturer , Motor vehicles for commercial use mfr , Motor vehicles mfr , Motorised caravan mfr , Over the road tractors , Passenger cars mfr , Refrigerated lorry mfr , Refuse disposal vehicle mfr , Road tanker (not trailer) mfr , Road tractors for semi-trailers mfr , Snow blower mfr , Snow mobiles mfr , Snow plough mfr , Spraying lorry mfr , Station wagon mfr , Street sweepers mfr , Street sweeping lorry mfr , Taxi mfr , Travelling libraries, banks, etc. (not trailers) mfr , Trolley-buses mfr , Troop carrier mfr , Truck commercial vehicle mfr , Van mfr , Van motor mfr , Ambulance mfr , Car KD set (at least 50% of value of complete vehicle) mfr , Golf carts mfr , Kd sets for cars at least 50% of value of complete vehicle mfr , Road tractor unit mfr , Tractors for semi-trailers mfr ,