Classification: NACE Rev 2
Code: 2899
Label: Manufacture of other special-purpose machinery n.e.c.
Synonyms: Accumulator for hydraulic equipment mfr , Aircraft carrier catapults and related equipment mfr , Aircraft launching gear and related equipment mfr , Apparatus and equipment for automatically developing photographic film , Battery making machine mfr , Blackboard chalk making machinery mfr , Blocking machine mfr , Bookbinding machine mfr , Bow thrusters mfr , Bowling alley equipment mfr , Brick making machinery mfr , Cable making machine mfr , Carnival article mfr , Carpet shampoo appliance (not domestic electric) mfr , Carpet sweeper (industrial) mfr , Catapult for launching aircraft mfr , Central greasing systems mfr , Ceramic making machine mfr , Ceramic pastes production machinery (shaped) mfr , Coating machine for bookbinding or paper working mfr , Collating machine for bookbinders mfr , Composing room equipment mfr , Concrete block making machinery mfr , Creasing machine for bookbinding mfr , Crystalliser for chemical industry mfr , Cutting machine for bookbinding mfr , Deck arresters for aircraft mfr , Diving equipment (excluding breathing apparatus) mfr , Dryers for wood, paper pulp, paper or paperboard mfr , Fairground amusements mfr , Flexographic printing machine mfr , Forming machine for glass working (multi-head) mfr , Foundry moulds for producing machinery mfr , Gathering machine (paper working) mfr , Glass working machine mfr , Glass, glassware and glass fibre or yarn production machinery mfr , Gluing machinery for bookbinders, etc. mfr , Granulator for the chemical industry mfr , Graphite electrodes production machinery mfr , Gravure printing machine mfr , Grinding machines for glass mfr , Hatch cover (mechanically operated) mfr , Industrial carpet sweeper mfr , Industrial mixing equipment for the chemical industry mfr , Industrial robots for multiple uses mfr , Injection moulding machine mfr , Isotopic separation machinery or apparatus mfr , Launching gear for aircraft mfr , Letterpress printing machine mfr , Machines for the assembly of electric or electronic lamps, tubes (valves) or bulbs mfr , Offset litho printing machine mfr , Photo litho machine mfr , Photoengraving machine mfr , Photolithography equipment for the manufacture of semi-conductors mfr , Pipe making machinery mfr , Polishing machine for glass mfr , Pottery making machine mfr , Printing machine or press mfr , Production of glass or glassware machinery mfr , Pulverising machinery for the chemical industry mfr , Reduction gear for marine use mfr , Robots for multiple industrial uses mfr , Roundabout for fairground mfr , Ruling machinery for printing mfr , Sand handling, mixing, treatment or reclamation plant for foundries mfr , Scanner (printing machinery) mfr , Semi-conductor machinery mfr , Sewing machinery for bookbinding mfr , Shooting galleries mfr , Size reduction equipment for the chemical industry mfr , Size separation equipment for the chemical industry mfr , Stabiliser for ship mfr , Steering gear for marine use mfr , Stitching machine for bookbinding mfr , Surge damper for hydraulic equipment mfr , Swings (fairground equipment) mfr , Tableting and pelleting press for chemical industry mfr , Tanning beds mfr , Thermo forming machine mfr , Tile making machine (not plastic working) mfr , Tubes (valves) or bulbs producing machinery mfr , Type setting machine mfr , Tyre alignment and balancing equipment mfr , Vacuum cleaners for industrial and commercial use mfr , Vacuum forming machine mfr , Wire coiling machine mfr , Wire rope making machine mfr , Blow moulding machine mfr , Cement block making machine mfr , Decompression chamber mfr , Hot glass working machinery mfr , Photogravure machine mfr , Rope making machine mfr , Soap making machinery mfr , Stern gear mfr , Trawl door mfr ,