Classification: NACE Rev 2
Code: 2892
Label: Manufacture of machinery for mining, quarrying and construction
Synonyms: Angle-dozers mfr , Asphalt laying plant mfr , Asphalt processing plant mfr , Bitumen spreaders mfr , Blow-out prevention apparatus mfr , Borer (mining machinery) mfr , Bridge plugs mfr , Bucket for construction machinery mfr , Bulldozer mfr , Cage plant for mining mfr , Casing hangars mfr , Chippers for road surfacing mfr , Coal cutter mfr , Coal plough mfr , Coal preparation plant mfr , Concrete mixer mfr , Concrete placing machinery mfr , Concrete surfacing machinery mfr , Construction equipment mfr , Continuous miner mfr , Crawler loader mfr , Crawler tractor mfr , Crushing machine for mining mfr , Crushing plant (not for mines) mfr , Cutting machinery for coal or rock mfr , Dinting machine for mining mfr , Dozer blade mfr , Dragline excavator mfr , Drill bits for well drilling mfr , Drilling jars for mining mfr , Dumpers for off road use mfr , Earth boring machine mfr , Earth mover (construction equipment) mfr , Earth moving machinery mfr , Elevators with continuous action for underground use mfr , Equipment for concrete crushing and screening roadwork's mfr , Excavator mfr , Foundry moulds forming machinery mfr , Grab mfr , Grader mfr , Grinding and other mineral processing machinery mfr , Gritting machine mfr , Hauling engine for mining (stationary) mfr , Heading machine for mining mfr , Hot metal machines and equipment for handling mfr , Iron roughneck's mfr , Land clearing equipment machinery mfr , Liner hanger equipment mfr , Loader for mining mfr , Loading shovel mfr , Machinery for treating minerals by screening, sorting, separating, washing, crushing mfr , Mechanical shovels mfr , Mineral cutter mfr , Mineral dressing plant mfr , Mining machinery mfr , Mining tool (bit) mfr , Moles for mining mfr , Mortar mixers mfr , Mortar spreaders mfr , Motion compensation equipment for oil drilling rigs mfr , Mudline suspension and tieback equipment mfr , Off-road dumping trucks mfr , Paving machinery mfr , Petroleum drilling equipment mfr , Pile driving equipment mfr , Pile-extractors mfr , Pit bottom machinery mfr , Planers for road surfacing mfr , Powered barrow mfr , Powered roof support for mining mfr , Production riser tensioner's mfr , Production riser tieback equipment mfr , Ranging drum shearer for mining mfr , Rear digger mfr , Rear digger unit mfr , Ripper mfr , Riser connector apparatus mfr , Road ripper for mining mfr , Road roller mfr , Rock cutting machinery mfr , Rock drilling machinery mfr , Rocker shovel for mining mfr , Roof support (hydraulic) mfr , Rooter (not agricultural) mfr , Rotary tables mfr , Scraper (earth moving equipment) mfr , Shovel loaders mfr , Sinking machine for mining mfr , Skip plant for mining mfr , Sorting, grinding and mixing machinery for earth, stones and other mineral substances mfr , Stowing machine for mining mfr , Tar laying plant mfr , Tar macadam laying plant mfr , Tar macadam processing plant mfr , Tar processing plant mfr , Track laying and other tractors used in construction mfr , Track laying tractors and other tractors used in mining mfr , Tractor shovel mfr , Tractors used in construction or mining mfr , Trencher mfr , Tunnelling machine for mining mfr , Walking draglines mfr , Well drilling equipment mfr , Wellhead running tools mfr , Wellheads mfr , Bulldozer and angle-dozer blades mfr , Conveyor for underground mining mfr , Earth leveller mfr , Leveller's mfr , Minerals treatment machinery mfr , Pile-drivers mfr , Pulverising plant (not for mines) mfr , Tractor winch mfr , Winding machine for mining mfr ,