Classification: NACE Rev 2
Code: 2849
Label: Manufacture of other machine tools
Synonyms: Blowpipes (hand held, high or low pressure) mfr , Brazing machines (electric) mfr , Brazing machines (gas) mfr , Cask assembly machines mfr , Chipboard press mfr , Cutter for wood mfr , Cutting torch mfr , Die head (self-opening) mfr , Disc cutting machines for stone, ceramic, asbestos, cement and similar (not portable) mfr , Dividing heads and other special attachments for machine tools mfr , Drilling or milling machines for stone, ceramics, asbestos-cement and similar articles mfr , Electroplating machinery mfr , Filing machines mfr , Finishing and polishing machine tools for optical, spectacle or clock or watch faces mfr , Frame and carcass cramps mfr , Glass cutting (shaping) machines for faceting or for cut-glass articles (cold glass) mfr , Glass cutting machines of the wheel or diamond type (cold glass) mfr , Glass engraving machines of the grinding wheel or diamond type mfr , Glass polishing machines mfr , Gluing machines mfr , Grinding wheel cutting and dressing machines mfr , Grinding, smoothing, polishing and graining machines for stone, ceramics, asbestos , Helical-wire cutting machines for stone, ceramics, asbestos-cement or similar mfr , Hot spraying machine mfr , Log decorticator's mfr , Machine tool attachments mfr , Machine tool special attachments (excluding for metal working) mfr , Machine tools (hard materials) parts and accessories mfr , Machine tools for cork, bone, hard rubber, hard plastics or similar hard materials mfr , Machine tools for stone and wood mfr , Machine tools for working cold glass mfr , Machine tools for working wood mfr , Magnetic pulse machine tool mfr , Mortising machines mfr , Moulding machine for wood, etc. mfr , Nailing machines mfr , Other machine tools n.e.c. mfr , Panel forming machines mfr , Paring and slicing machines mfr , Particle board presses mfr , Parts and accessories for electroplating machinery mfr , Parts and accessories for machine tools for working hard materials e.g. wood, stone mfr , Parts and accessories for stationary drills, machines, riveters, sheet metal cutters mfr , Parts and accessories for stationary machine tools for nailing, stapling, gluing etc. mfr , Pencil making machinery mfr , Planing machine for wood (not portable powered) mfr , Plank gluing machines mfr , Plasma arc machine tool mfr , Plywood press mfr , Post peeling machines mfr , Press for chipboard mfr , Presses for the manufacture of particle board mfr , Riveter's mfr , Sanding and polishing machines for wood (not portable) mfr , Sawing machine for wood mfr , Sawing machines for stone, ceramics, asbestos-cement or similar materials mfr , Sheet metal cutters mfr , Splitting or cleaving machines for stone, ceramics, asbestos-cement or similar mfr , Splitting, stamping and fragmenting machines mfr , Squeeze presses mfr , Stapling machines (machine tools) mfr , Stationary machines for nailing, stapling, gluing or otherwise assembling mfr , Stationary rotary or rotary percussion drills, filing machines, sheet metal cutters mfr , Stave and cask croze cutting machines mfr , Stave jointing, planing, bending machinery mfr , Surface tempering machine mfr , Tool holder mfr , Trueing and grinding machines for cold working of glass mfr , Turning, engraving, carving, etc. machines for stone, ceramics, and similar mfr , Ultrasonic waves machine tool mfr , Veneer press mfr , Veneer shearing machines mfr , Veneer splicing machines mfr , Wire weaving machine mfr , Wooden button making machinery mfr , Woodworking machinery mfr , Work holder for machine tool mfr , Work holders (engineers' small tools) mfr , Electroplating equipment mfr , Machinery for making wooden clogs, soles and heels for shoes mfr , Stapling machines for industrial use mfr , Wood sculpturing and engraving machines mfr ,