Classification: NACE Rev 2
Code: 2830
Label: Manufacture of agricultural and forestry machinery
Synonyms: Agricultural and forestry machinery parts (except tractor parts) mfr , Agricultural machinery for soil preparation mfr , Agricultural machinery mfr , Agricultural motor drawn trailer mfr , Agricultural planting machinery mfr , Agricultural self-loading semi-trailers mfr , Agricultural self-loading trailers mfr , Agricultural self-unloading semi-trailers mfr , Agricultural self-unloading trailers mfr , Agricultural tractor mfr , Bale handler (agricultural machinery) mfr , Bee-keeping machinery mfr , Broadcaster for agricultural use mfr , Chemical seed dresser for agricultural use mfr , Combine harvester mfr , Conveyor for agricultural use mfr , Cultivator mfr , Cultivator tine mfr , Dairy appliances and utensils mfr , Digger (elevator and shaker) mfr , Disc harrow mfr , Eggs machines for cleaning sorting or grading mfr , Elevator for agricultural use mfr , Farmyard manure spreader mfr , Fertiliser distributor or broadcaster mfr , Fodder preparing equipment mfr , Forage harvester mfr , Forestry machinery mfr , Fruit machines and equipment mfr , Fruit machines for cleaning, sorting or grading mfr , Grain cleaning, sorting and grading machines mfr , Grinding mill for agricultural use mfr , Harvester mfr , Hay making equipment mfr , Hedge cutter for agricultural use mfr , Lawn mower mfr , Manure spreader mfr , Milking machine mfr , Mowers for lawns, parks and sports grounds mfr , Parts for milking machines and dairy machinery mfr , Pick up baler mfr , Planter for agricultural use mfr , Plough disc mfr , Plough mfr , Poultry keeping machinery mfr , Roller for agricultural use mfr , Root crop harvesting and sorting machinery mfr , Safety frame for tractors mfr , Seeders mfr , Silage making machine mfr , Skidded unit tractor mfr , Spraying machine for agricultural use mfr , Sugar beet harvester mfr , Threshing machine mfr , Tool bar for agricultural use mfr , Tractor hoe mfr , Tractor parts for wheeled and half-track tractors mfr , Tractor plough mfr , Tractor wheeled mfr , Tractors used in agriculture and forestry mfr , Tractors walking (pedestrian controlled) mfr , Trailers and semi-trailers for agricultural use mfr , Transplanter for agricultural use mfr , Vegetable harvesting and sorting machinery mfr , Agricultural broadcaster mfr , Baler for hay and straw mfr , Drill for agricultural use mfr , Harrow mfr , Mowers for agricultural use mfr , Potato harvester and sorter mfr , Tractor (half track) mfr ,