Classification: NACE Rev 2
Code: 2829
Label: Manufacture of other general-purpose machinery n.e.c.
Synonyms: Aeration plant (effluent treatment) mfr , Automatic goods vending machines mfr , Baling press (not agricultural) mfr , Base exchange plant (water treatment) mfr , Bottle cleaning and or drying machinery mfr , Bottling machinery mfr , Calendar for rubber or plastics working mfr , Calendaring or other rolling machine parts (for plastic or rubber) mfr , Canning machinery mfr , Capsuling machinery mfr , Carbon or graphite gasket mfr , Cartooning machinery mfr , Case packing machinery mfr , Centrifuge (for chemical industry) mfr , Centrifuges mfr , Chlorination plant (water treatment) mfr , Clarification plant (water treatment) mfr , Closing machinery mfr , Comminution plant (effluent treatment) mfr , Cooling towers and similar for direct cooling by means of re-circulated water mfr , De-aeration plant (water treatment) mfr , Desalination plant (water treatment) mfr , Design and manufacture of wastewater systems used instead of old sewerage systems , Dialysis plant (water treatment) mfr , Dish washing machine parts (industrial type) mfr , Dishwashing machine for commercial catering mfr , Distilling machinery (for potable spirits) mfr , Distilling or rectifying plant for beverage industries mfr , Distilling or rectifying plant for chemical industries mfr , Distilling or rectifying plant for petroleum refineries mfr , Distilling or rectifying plant mfr , Dosing plant (water treatment) mfr , Drying machine (for chemical industry) mfr , Effluent treatment plant mfr , Electrostatic precipitator mfr , Equipment for projecting liquids or powders mfr , Equipment for spraying liquids or powders mfr , Filling machinery mfr , Filtering or purifying machinery parts mfr , Filtration equipment for hydraulic equipment mfr , Filtration equipment for the chemical industry mfr , Fire extinguisher (hand held) mfr , Fire extinguishing apparatus (excluding hand operated chemical extinguishers) mfr , Flexible shaft drive tool mfr , Gas generators mfr , Gas or water generator parts mfr , Gasket mfr , General-purpose machinery parts mfr , Goods vending machines mfr , Grit extraction plant for effluent treatment mfr , Ion exchange plant for water treatment mfr , Jigs mfr , Jointing (precision component) mfr , Labelling machinery (not for office use) mfr , Levels, tape measures and similar hand held tools mfr , Lubricator mfr , Machinery for cleaning or drying bottles and for aerating beverages mfr , Machinist's precision tools mfr , Measuring rods and tapes mfr , Measuring rule mfr , Measuring tape mfr , Metal spraying machine mfr , Non-electric welding and soldering equipment mfr , Oil filter for motor vehicle mfr , Oil refining industry machinery (other than plant) mfr , Oil seal mfr , Packaging machinery mfr , Packing and wrapping machinery mfr , Packing machinery mfr , Paint spraying machine mfr , Petro-chemical industry machinery (other than plant) mfr , Purifying machinery mfr , Rectifying plant mfr , Refuse disposal plant mfr , Rule (measuring) mfr , Sand blasting machines mfr , Scales for postal use mfr , Scales for shop use mfr , Scales platform mfr , Screening plant (not for mines) mfr , Screening plant for effluent treatment mfr , Sealing machinery mfr , Sedimentation plant for effluent treatment mfr , Settlement plant for water treatment mfr , Sewage treatment plant mfr , Soldering machines (gas) mfr , Solvent recovery equipment for the chemical industry mfr , Spirit level mfr , Spray guns mfr , Spraying machinery parts mfr , Spring balance mfr , Sprinklers for fire extinguishing mfr , Steam cleaning machines mfr , Tape measure mfr , Vending machine mfr , Water softening plant mfr , Water treatment plant mfr , Weighbridge mfr , Weighing machine mfr , Weights for weighing machine mfr , Welding machines (gas) mfr , Welding torch mfr , Wrapping machinery mfr , Calendaring machinery for textiles mfr , Crating and de-crating machinery mfr , Equipment for dispersing liquids or powders mfr , Hot spraying electrical machines (metal or metal carbides) mfr , Scales for domestic use mfr , Solvent extraction equipment for the chemical industry mfr ,