Classification: NACE Rev 2
Code: 2825
Label: Manufacture of non-domestic cooling and ventilation equipment
Synonyms: Air cleansing plant (not for air conditioning equipment) mfr , Air conditioning equipment for aircraft mfr , Air conditioning package mfr , Air filter for air conditioning equipment mfr , Air-conditioning machines mfr , Attic ventilation fans (gable fans, roof ventilators, etc.) mfr , Cold storage equipment mfr , Condenser for air conditioning equipment (air or water cooled) mfr , Condenser unit for refrigerator mfr , Cooling equipment for non-domestic mfr , Cooling tower for air conditioning mfr , Display cabinet refrigerated mfr , Dust collector for air conditioning equipment mfr , Evaporator for refrigeration machinery mfr , Fan coil unit (for air conditioning equipment) mfr , Fans non-domestic mfr , Food freezer over 12 cubic feet capacity mfr , Gas cleansing plant mfr , Humidifier for air conditioning equipment mfr , Ice cream conservator mfr , Induction unit for air conditioning equipment mfr , Machinery for liquefying air or gas mfr , Non-domestic cooling and ventilation equipment parts mfr , Refrigerated service cabinet mfr , Refrigerating and freezing equipment parts mfr , Refrigerating equipment mfr , Refrigerating or freezing equipment for industrial use mfr , Refrigerator cabinets made of wood mfr , Refrigerator for commercial use mfr , Scrubber for air conditioning equipment mfr , Sectional cold room mfr , Ventilating fans mfr , Ventilation equipment for non-domestic use mfr , Atmospheric pollution control plant mfr , Heat exchange units for air conditioning mfr , Ventilating unit mfr ,