Classification: NACE Rev 2
Code: 2824
Label: Manufacture of power-driven hand tools
Synonyms: Buffers mfr , Chain saw parts mfr , Circular or reciprocating saws mfr , Disc cutting machines for stone, ceramics, asbestos, cement or similar (portable) mfr , Drill (powered portable) mfr , Drills and hammer drills mfr , Grinders mfr , Grinding tools (powered portable) mfr , Hand tools with non-electric motor parts mfr , Hand tools with self contained motor or pneumatic drive mfr , Hedge trimmers (powered portable) mfr , Impact wrenches mfr , Mining tool (powered portable) mfr , Motorised hand tools mfr , Parts for portable hand held power tools mfr , Planers mfr , Pneumatic hand tool parts mfr , Pneumatic hand tools mfr , Pneumatic nailers mfr , Portable hand held power tools mfr , Portable power tools mfr , Power actuated nailers , Power hand tools mfr , Power-driven buffers mfr , Power-driven grinders mfr , Power-driven impact wrenches mfr , Power-driven planers mfr , Power-driven powder actuated nailers mfr , Power-driven sanders mfr , Power-driven shears and nibblers mfr , Power-driven staplers mfr , Routers mfr , Sanding tool (powered portable) mfr , Saws (powered portable) mfr , Shears and nibblers mfr , Stapler (not office) mfr , Chain-saw mfr , Hammer (portable, powered) mfr , Pneumatic rivet guns mfr , Power-driven routers mfr , Rock drill (portable) mfr ,