Classification: NACE Rev 2
Code: 2823
Label: Manufacture of office machinery and equipment (except computers and peripheral equipment)
Synonyms: Accounting machine mfr , Adding machines mfr , Addressing machine mfr , Bank note counting machine mfr , Banknote dispensing machine mfr , Binding machine mfr , Blackboards mfr , Book keeping machine mfr , Calculating machine mfr , Calculator electronic mfr , Cash and credit card imprinting and embossing machine mfr , Cash dispenser mfr , Cash register (mechanically operated) mfr , Cheque writing and signing machine mfr , Coin sorting and coin counting machine mfr , Collating machinery mfr , Copying equipment document mfr , Copying machine xerographic mfr , Counting and dating machine mfr , Data processing equipment (non electronic) mfr , Dictating machine and accessory mfr , Document copying equipment mfr , Document shredder mfr , Duplicating machine (excluding copiers) mfr , Dyeline copying machine mfr , Easel mfr , Electronic calculator mfr , Electronic voting systems mfr , Electrostatic copying machine mfr , Envelope stuffing machine mfr , Franking machine mfr , Inkjet and laser cartridges for photocopiers recycle or mfr , Labelling machine for office use mfr , Laminating machine for office use mfr , Letter opening machine mfr , Listing machine mfr , Machinery office mfr , Mail handling machine mfr , Marker boards mfr , Non electronic calculators mfr , Office machinery and equipment mfr , Office type binding machine mfr , Pencil sharpening machines mfr , Photocopier ink cartridges (refilling) , Photocopier ink cartridges mfr , Photocopying machinery mfr , Plastic office-type binding equipment or tape binding mfr , Point of sale unit mfr , Postage franking machines mfr , Printing machines (sheet fed office type offset) mfr , Punched card machine (other than for computer use) mfr , Shorthand writing machine mfr , Staple removers mfr , Staplers for office use mfr , Stapling machines for office use mfr , Stencil duplicating machines mfr , Stenography machines mfr , Tabulating machine mfr , Tape dispensing machine mfr , Tape office-type binding equipment mfr , Terminals for issuing of tickets and reservations mfr , Ticket punch mfr , Toner cartridges mfr , Typewriter mfr , Visible record computer (tabulator) mfr , Voting machines mfr , White boards mfr , Word processing machines mfr , Xerographic copying machine mfr , Address plate embossing machine mfr , Coin counting and coin wrapping machine mfr , Document handling machine mfr , Invoicing machine mfr , Office machinery mfr , Postage meters mfr , Ticket issuing machine mfr ,