Classification: NACE Rev 2
Code: 2822
Label: Manufacture of lifting and handling equipment
Synonyms: Aerial ropeway and cableway mfr , Bucket wheel reclaimer mfr , Builders' hoist mfr , Cableway excavator mfr , Cableway mfr , Capstan mfr , Chain pulley block mfr , Conveying plant (hydraulic and pneumatic) mfr , Conveyor and feeder (not for agriculture or mining) mfr , Conveyors mfr , Crane mfr , Derrick's mfr , Dock leveller mfr , Dockside crane mfr , Drag scraper mfr , Elevator mfr , Escalator mfr , Goliath type crane mfr , Hand trucks and wheelbarrows mfr , Hand trucks made of metal mfr , Handling plant (hydraulic and pneumatic) mfr , Hand-operated lifting capstans mfr , Hand-operated lifting jacks mfr , Hand-operated lifting pulley tackle mfr , Hand-operated lifting winches mfr , Hoists (electric wire rope or chain) mfr , Hoists (hand operated pulley and sheave block) mfr , Hoists, hydraulic, mechanical, pneumatic (not builders, hand operated and electrical) mfr , Hydraulic and pneumatic conveying plant mfr , Hydraulic and pneumatic handling plant mfr , Industrial special purpose trucks mfr , Industrial tractor mfr , Jack for motor vehicle mfr , Lift for motor vehicle mfr , Lift mfr , Lifting and handling equipment mfr , Lifting and handling equipment parts mfr , Live storage rack mfr , Lorry loader mfr , Manually propelled truck (not wooden) mfr , Mechanical industrial robots for lifting, handling mfr , Mechanical lifting manipulators mfr , Mechanical manipulators mfr , Mobile crane mfr , Mobile lifting frames mfr , Moving walkways mfr , Overhead runway mfr , Pallet truck mfr , Palletiser mfr , Parts specialised for lifting and handling equipment mfr , Passenger conveyor mfr , Pneumatic and hydraulic conveying plant mfr , Pneumatic and hydraulic handling plant mfr , Portal and pedestal jib cranes mfr , Power-driven lifting capstans mfr , Power-driven lifting hoists mfr , Power-driven lifting jacks mfr , Power-driven lifting pulley tackle mfr , Power-driven lifting winches mfr , Power-driven loading and unloading derricks mfr , Power-driven mobile lifting frames mfr , Pulley block mfr , Pulley tackle mfr , Robots designed for lifting and handling in industry mfr , Rough terrain industrial trucks mfr , Scissor lift mfr , Side loader mfr , Ski lifts mfr , Special steelworks crane mfr , Stacking machine mfr , Stillage truck mfr , Straddle carrier mfr , Teleferics mfr , Tipper mfr , Transporters mfr , Travelling crane mfr , Truck wooden mfr , Wheelbarrows made of metal mfr , Wheelbarrows made of plastic mfr , Wheelbarrows made of wood mfr , Winding device mfr , Windlass mfr , Works trucks mfr , Container handling crane mfr , Forklift truck mfr , Hand-operated lifting hoists mfr , Jacks (other than for motor vehicles) mfr , Pallet hoist mfr , Power-driven cranes mfr , Power-driven straddle carrier's mfr , Tailboard lift mfr , Winch mfr ,