Classification: NACE Rev 2
Code: 2821
Label: Manufacture of ovens, furnaces and furnace burners
Synonyms: Annealing lehr mfr , Blast furnace mfr , Burners mfr , Cement processing kiln mfr , Dielectric heating equipment (electric) mfr , Direct arc furnace mfr , Electric and other industrial and laboratory furnaces mfr , Electric and other industrial and laboratory incinerators mfr , Electric and other industrial and laboratory ovens mfr , Electric household-type furnaces mfr , Electric swimming pool heaters (permanently mounted) mfr , Electro slag furnace mfr , Forging furnace mfr , Fuel burner (other than oil or gas) mfr , Furnace (electric) mfr , Furnace (for strip processing line) mfr , Furnace for strip processing line mfr , Furnace, furnace burner and industrial oven parts mfr , Furnaces and furnace burners mfr , Gas burner mfr , Grates mechanical mfr , Heat treatment furnace mfr , Heating/melting high frequency induction or dielectric equipment mfr , Induction furnace mfr , Laboratory furnace mfr , Lime processing kiln mfr , Melting furnace mfr , Non-electric household heating equipment (permanently mounted) mfr , Non-electric household-type furnaces mfr , Oil fuel burner mfr , Permanent mount electric space heaters, electric swimming pool heaters mfr , Permanent mount non-electric household heating equipment, solar heating, steam heating, oil heat and similar furnaces mfr , Re-heating furnace mfr , Smelting furnace mfr , Steel making furnace mfr , Stoker's mechanical mfr , Storage heater mfr , Strip processing line furnace mfr , Box furnace mfr , Electric household heating equipment (permanently mounted) mfr , Incinerator mfr , Ovens for industrial use (except bakery) mfr ,