Classification: NACE Rev 2
Code: 2813
Label: Manufacture of other pumps and compressors
Synonyms: Air pump mfr , Archimedean screw pump mfr , Axial compressor mfr , Axial flow pump mfr , Bicycle pumps mfr , Centrifugal compressor mfr , Centrifugal pump mfr , Channel impeller pump mfr , Circulator pump mfr , Compressor for refrigerators mfr , Compressors air or other gas mfr , Concrete pumps mfr , Delivery pump mfr , Diaphragm pump mfr , Dosing and proportioning pump mfr , Ejector pump mfr , Electro-magnetic pumps mfr , Emulsion (gas lift) pumps mfr , Fuel pump for industrial engine mfr , Fuel pump for internal combustion piston engine for aircraft mfr , Gas combustion pumps mfr , Gas compressor mfr , Hand pump mfr , Helical rotor pump mfr , Helicoidal pumps mfr , Impeller pumps mfr , Inflator for cycle type tyres mfr , Liquid elevators mfr , Lobe pump mfr , Lubricating pump (not for internal combustion engine) mfr , Medicinal pumps mfr , Metering pump mfr , Oil-cushion pumps mfr , Peristaltic pumps mfr , Positive displacement pump (reciprocating) mfr , Pump (not hydraulic or for internal combustion engine) mfr , Pump for tyre (cycle type) mfr , Pump parts mfr , Pumps air or vacuum mfr , Pumps and parts (non-electric) for oil, gas, petrol or water on motor vehicles mfr , Pumps for liquids whether or not fitted with measuring device mfr , Radial flow pump mfr , Reciprocating compressor mfr , Rotating compressor mfr , Screw compressor mfr , Screw pump mfr , Submersible motor pump mfr , Tyre inflator (cycle type) mfr , Vacuum pump mfr , Vane pump mfr , Air compressor mfr , Compressor parts mfr , Fuel injection equipment for industrial engines mfr , Petrol station pump mfr , Rotary piston lobe type pumps mfr ,