Classification: NACE Rev 2
Code: 2790
Label: Manufacture of other electrical equipment
Synonyms: Appliance cords with insulated wire and connectors mfr , Bell apparatus (other than telegraphic or telephonic) mfr , Brazing and welding tools mfr , Carbon brush mfr , Carbon or graphite electrodes mfr , Contacts and other electrical carbon and graphite products mfr , Cyclotron mfr , Detection apparatus mfr , Electric bells mfr , Electrical base metal conduit and fittings mfr , Electrical capacitors mfr , Electrical carbon mfr , Electrical condensers and similar components mfr , Electrical door opening and closing devices mfr , Electrical insulators (except glass or porcelain) mfr , Electrical pedestrian signalling equipment mfr , Electrical resistors mfr , Electrical signs mfr , Electrical soldering equipment mfr , Electrical traffic lights mfr , Electrical welding equipment mfr , Electrodes for welding mfr , Electromagnets mfr , Electronic scoreboards mfr , Extension cords made from purchased insulated wire mfr , Extension cords mfr , Hand-held soldering iron , Particle accelerator mfr , Rectifier, solid state mfr , Signal generator mfr , Signalling equipment for road traffic (electric) mfr , Simulator (battle) mfr , Simulator (driving) mfr , Simulator (other training (except flying trainers)) mfr , Sirens mfr , Soldering irons (electrical, hand-held) mfr , Soldering machines (electric) mfr , Soldering tools mfr , Solid state battery chargers mfr , Solid state fuel cells mfr , Surge suppressors (except for distribution level voltage) mfr , Traffic lights mfr , Uninterruptible power supplies (UPS) mfr , Wave form generator mfr , Welding equipment parts and accessories mfr , Welding machines (electric) mfr , Bells (other than telephone type) (electric) mfr , Electrical signalling equipment mfr , Rectifying valve and tube mfr , Solid state inverters mfr , Ultrasonic cleaning machines (except dental) mfr ,