Classification: NACE Rev 2
Code: 2740
Label: Manufacture of electric lighting equipment
Synonyms: Advertising light mfr , Arc lamp mfr , Bulb for flash lamp mfr , Candelabra made of base metal mfr , Carbide lanterns mfr , Case for flash lamp mfr , Ceiling rose mfr , Chandeliers mfr , Christmas tree lights mfr , Discharge lamp mfr , Electric fireplace logs mfr , Electric lanterns mfr , Electric light bulbs mfr , Electric lighting equipment mfr , Electric torch mfr , Flash lamp bulb mfr , Flash lamp case mfr , Flashcubes mfr , Flashlights mfr , Fluorescent tube mfr , Gas discharge lamp mfr , Gasoline lanterns mfr , Illuminated signs and nameplates mfr , Illuminated traffic signs mfr , Infra-red lamps mfr , Kerosene lanterns mfr , Lamps for cycle's mfr , Lamps mfr , Lanterns (electric, gas, gasoline, kerosene) mfr , Light bulb mfr , Lighting equipment for aircraft mfr , Lighting equipment for boats mfr , Lighting equipment for motor vehicles mfr , Lighting equipment mfr , Lighting fitting electric (other than glassware) mfr , Lighting fixture of table lamps mfr , Lighting sets of a kind used for Christmas trees mfr , Mercury vapour lamp mfr , Miners' lamp mfr , Neon tube mfr , Nightlight (electrical) mfr , Non-electrical lighting equipment mfr , Outdoor and road lighting mfr , Photoflash bulb mfr , Portable lamp (electric) mfr , Projector lamp mfr , Sodium vapour lamp mfr , Spotlight mfr , Stage lighting mfr , Street lighting fixtures mfr , Torch mfr , Ultra-violet lamps mfr , Vehicle lamp (bulb and sealed beam unit) mfr , Candlestick mfr , Electric insect lamps mfr , Gas lanterns mfr , Lampshade (not glass or plastics) mfr , Light bulb (including fluorescent and neon tube) mfr , Search light mfr ,