Classification: NACE Rev 2
Code: 2733
Label: Manufacture of wiring devices
Synonyms: Bus bars, electrical conductors (except switchgear-type) mfr , Electrical conductors mfr , Electrical conduit tubing mfr , Electrical plug and socket mfr , Junction box mfr , Lamp holder (electric) mfr , Lightning arresters and coils mfr , Non-current carrying plastic junction boxes mfr , Non-current carrying plastic pole line fittings mfr , Non-current carrying plastic switch covers mfr , Outlet boxes for electrical wiring mfr , Plastic junction boxes mfr , Plastic non-current carrying wiring devices mfr , Plastic pole line fittings mfr , Plug and socket (electric) mfr , Plug electric mfr , Socket electric mfr , Switch electric mfr , Transmission pole and line hardware mfr , Wiring accessories mfr , Wiring devices mfr , GFCI (ground fault circuit interrupters) mfr , Plastic electrical conduit and fittings mfr , Plastic electrical conduit tubing mfr ,