Classification: NACE Rev 2
Code: 2720
Label: Manufacture of batteries and accumulators
Synonyms: Accumulator mfr (battery) , Batteries for vehicles mfr , Battery dry (non rechargeable) mfr , Battery for flash lamp mfr , Car battery mfr , Dry battery (non rechargeable) mfr , Dry cell batteries mfr , Electric accumulators including parts thereof mfr , Flash lamp battery mfr , Lead acid batteries mfr , Manganese dioxide cells mfr , Mercuric dioxide cells mfr , Nicad batteries mfr , Nimh batteries mfr , Primary battery mfr , Primary cells mfr , Secondary battery mfr , Silver oxide cells mfr , Torch battery mfr , Vehicle battery mfr , Wet cell batteries mfr , Battery for car mfr , Lithium batteries mfr , Traction battery (rechargeable) mfr ,