Classification: NACE Rev 2
Code: 2712
Label: Manufacture of electricity distribution and control apparatus
Synonyms: Bus bar (switchgear type) mfr , Circuit breaker (moulded case) mfr , Duct for electrical switchboard apparatus mfr , Electric control and distribution boards' mfr , Electric power switches mfr , Electric products for motor starting and controlling gear mfr , Electrical apparatus for switching or protecting electrical circuits mfr , Electrical relays mfr , Electricity distribution and control apparatus mfr , Fuse and fuse gear (power) mfr , Fuse box for domestic use mfr , Fuses for domestic use mfr , Motor starting and controlling gear mfr , Moulded case circuit breaker mfr , Power switching equipment mfr , Prime mover generator sets mfr , Shunt and limiting reactor mfr , Surge suppressors (for distribution level voltage) mfr , Switchgear (power) mfr , Voltage limiters mfr , Circuit breaker for power mfr , Miniature circuit breaker mfr ,