Classification: NACE Rev 2
Code: 2711
Label: Manufacture of electric motors, generators and transformers
Synonyms: AC generator sets mfr , AC generators mfr , AC motors mfr , Alternating current generator mfr , Alternators (not for vehicles) mfr , Arc-welding transformers mfr , Battery powered electric commercial vehicle mfr , DC generator sets mfr , DC generators mfr , DC motors mfr , Distribution transformers, electric mfr , Dynamo (not for vehicle) mfr , Electric motor generators and transformers mfr , Electric motor products mfr , Electrically powered commercial vehicle mfr , Fluorescent ballasts mfr , Frequency converter (not power) mfr , Generator direct current mfr , Generator set mfr , Generators electric mfr , Industrial transformer mfr , Motor generator sets mfr (except turbine generator set units) , Motors electric mfr , Power generators (except battery charging alternators for internal combustion engines) mfr , Rewinding of armatures on a factory basis , Substation transformers for electric power distribution mfr , Traction motors (with or without associated control equipment) mfr , Transformer (generator, transmission system and distribution) mfr , Transformer for industrial use mfr , Transmission and distribution voltage regulators mfr , Turbine for electricity generation mfr , Turbo alternator mfr , Universal AC/DC motors mfr , Actuator (electro-magnetic positioner) mfr , Generator alternating current mfr , Reactor shunt and limiting mfr ,