Classification: NACE Rev 2
Code: 2640
Label: Manufacture of consumer electronics
Synonyms: Amplifier for audio separates mfr , Amplifiers and sound amplifier sets mfr , Cassette players mfr , Cassette-type recorders mfr , CD player's mfr , Compact disc player's mfr , Domestic aerial mfr , DVD player mfr , DVD recorder mfr , Earphone mfr , Electronic toys and games mfr , Gramophone accessory mfr , Gramophone mfr , Headphones mfr , Headset (not telecommunication type) mfr , Hi fi equipment mfr , Household type video cameras mfr , Jukeboxes mfr , Karaoke machines mfr , Loudspeaker mfr , Megaphone mfr , Monitors for videos mfr , Pick up arm and cartridge for record player mfr , Portable sound systems mfr , Public address system mfr , Radio receiving set mfr , Receivers for radio broadcasting mfr , Receivers for television mfr , Record player mfr , Record playing mechanism mfr , Sound electro acoustic apparatus mfr , Sound heads mfr , Sound recording and reproducing equipment mfr , Speaker systems mfr , Stereo system mfr , Stylus for record player mfr , Tape player and recorder (audio and visual) mfr , Teaching aid electronic mfr , Television mfr , Television monitors and displays mfr , Tone arms mfr , Tuner for radio and television (other than audio separates) mfr , Video game consoles mfr , Video game machine mfr , Video projector mfr , Video recording or reproducing apparatus including camcorders mfr , Audio separate mfr , Electronic games (domestic) mfr , Microphone mfr , Record player accessories mfr , Tuner (audio separates) mfr ,