Classification: NACE Rev 2
Code: 2630
Label: Manufacture of communication equipment
Synonyms: Aerial (domestic) mfr , Aerial (non domestic) mfr , Aerial reflectors mfr , Aerial rotors mfr , Aerial signal splitters mfr , Alarms (burglar, fire and security) mfr , Amplifier for broadcasting studio mfr , Antenna mfr , Bridges for telecommunications mfr , Burglar alarm and system mfr , Cable television equipment mfr , Camera for television mfr , Carrier equipment mfr , Cellular phones mfr , Central office switching equipment mfr , Closed circuit television equipment mfr , Command transmitter intercom mfr , Cordless telephones (except cellular) mfr , Data communication equipment (incl. Routers, bridges and gateways) mfr , Data transmission link (line) mfr , Delay lines and networks mfr , Dial for telephone mfr , Electronic and telecommunication relay mfr , Entrance telephones mfr , Facsimile transmission apparatus mfr , Fax machines mfr , Fire alarm and system mfr , Fixed transmitters mfr , Gateways for telecommunications mfr , Ground station (for relay satellite communication) mfr , Infrared remote control apparatus mfr , Line apparatus (carrier, duplex and repeater) mfr , Mobile communication equipment mfr , Mobile telephone mfr , Modem mfr , Monitoring equipment for radio and television mfr , Pager mfr , Picture transmitter mfr , Private branch exchange (PBX) equipment mfr , Public broadcasting equipment mfr , Radio and television monitoring equipment mfr , Radio and television transmitter mfr , Radio beacons mfr , Radio frequency booster stations mfr , Radio remote control apparatus mfr , Radio-broadcasting receiver mfr , Radio-telephones mfr , Radio-telephony apparatus mfr , Reception apparatus for radio-telephony or radio-telegraphy mfr , Relay link apparatus mfr , Relay transmitters mfr , Routers for telecommunications mfr , Satellite relay mfr , Security alarms and systems mfr , Subscriber apparatus (telephone) mfr , Switchboard for telecommunication mfr , Switching equipment for telegraphs and telex mfr , Telegraph apparatus mfr , Telephone answering machine mfr , Telephone apparatus mfr , Telephone exchange equipment mfr , Telephone exchanges mfr , Telephone handset mfr , Telephone mfr , Teleprinter mfr , Television camera mfr , Television receiver mfr , Television transmitter mfr , Telewriter mfr , Telex machine mfr , Terminal equipment for telegraphic and data communications mfr , Transmission apparatus for radio-broadcasting mfr , Transmission equipment for telephone and telegraph mfr , Transmitter for pictures mfr , Transmitter radio and television mfr , Transmitter-receivers mfr , Transmitting and receiving antenna mfr , Transponders mfr , Bells for telephones mfr , Communication devices using infrared signal (e.g. remote controls) mfr , Line telephony apparatus mfr , Radio communications equipment mfr , Simultaneous interpretation apparatus mfr , Biometric equipment mfr , Communication signal testing equipment ,