Classification: NACE Rev 2
Code: 2620
Label: Manufacture of computers and peripheral equipment
Synonyms: Aluminium coating inside pc cases mfr , Analogue computer mfr , Analogue machines mfr , Automatic teller machines (ATM) mfr , Bar code scanners mfr , Central processing units for computers mfr , Computer (electronic) mfr , Computer mfr , Computer peripheral equipment mfr , Computer projectors mfr , Computer server's mfr , Computer store mfr , Computer system mfr , Computer terminal unit mfr , Control units for computers mfr , Converter for computer mfr , Copying equipment mfr , Data processing equipment electronic (other than electronic calculators) mfr , Dedicated computer terminals mfr , Desktop computer mfr , Digital computer mfr , Digital machines mfr , Faxing equipment mfr , Hand-held computer (PDA) mfr , Hard disk drives mfr , Hybrid computer mfr , Hybrid machines mfr , Information processing equipment mfr , Keyboards for computers mfr , Laptop computer mfr , Machines for transcribing data media in coded form mfr , Magnetic card storage unit's mfr , Magnetic disk drives mfr , Magnetic flash drives mfr , Magnetic or optical readers mfr , Magnetic recording head mfr , Magnetic storage devices for computers mfr , Magnetic tape recorders mfr , Mainframe computers mfr , Memory store for computers mfr , Mice, joysticks, and trackballs mfr , Multi-function office equipment mfr , Network interface mfr , Optical (CD-RW, CD-ROM, DVD-ROM, DVD-RW) disk drives mfr , Optical disk drives mfr , Peripheral equipment for computer uses including card punches and verifiers mfr , Personal computers and workstations mfr , Point-of-sale (POS) computer terminals not mechanically operated mfr , Printer ink cartridges (refilling) , Printer ink cartridges mfr , Printer server's mfr , Printers and plotters mfr , Printers for computers mfr , Punch card reader's mfr , Scanners for computer use mfr , Servers and network servers mfr , Smart card reader's mfr , Tape reader for computers mfr , Tape streamers and other magnetic tape storage unit's mfr , Virtual reality helmets mfr , Visual display unit for computer mfr , Braille pads and other output devices mfr , Electronic computer mfr , Magnetic card reader's mfr , Monitors for computers mfr , Point-of-sale (POS) terminals mfr , Terminal computer unit mfr ,