Classification: NACE Rev 2
Code: 2611
Label: Manufacture of electronic components
Synonyms: Amplifying valve mfr , Backward wave oscillator mfr , Bare printed circuit boards mfr , Cable accessory (electronic use) mfr , Capacitor for power factor improvement mfr , Cathode ray tube mfr , Chemical elements in disk form for use in electronics mfr , Choke and coil (electronic) mfr , Circuit protection device electronic mfr , Cold cathode valve or tube mfr , Colour television tubes mfr , Dice or wafer (electronic) mfr , Diode mfr , Display components (plasma, polymer, LCD) mfr , Electron tubes mfr , Electronic active components mfr , Electronic capacitors or condensers mfr , Electronic connectors mfr , Electronic crystals and crystal assemblies' mfr , Electronic equipment (miscellaneous unspecified) mfr , Electronic filter mfr , Electronic integrated circuits mfr , Electronic micro-assemblies of moulded module, micro module or similar types mfr , Electronic passive components mfr , Electronic tube mfr , Electronic valve mfr , Ferrite part for electronic apparatus mfr , Finished or semi-finished dice, semiconductor mfr , Finished or semi-finished wafers, semiconductor mfr , Hybrid integrated circuits (electronic) mfr , Image converters and intensifiers mfr , Inductor (electronic) mfr , Integrated circuit (analogue, digital or hybrid) mfr , Isolating and make or break switches (electronic) mfr , Klystron mfr , Light emitting diodes (LED) mfr , Magnetron mfr , Microchip mfr , Microcircuit mfr , Microprocessors mfr , Microwave components mfr , Microwave tube mfr , Monitor cable mfr , Monolithic integrated circuits mfr , Mounted piezo-electric crystals mfr , Photo electric cell mfr , Photo semi-conductor device mfr , Photo-cathode valves or tubes mfr , Photosensitive semi-conductor devices mfr , Piezo electric crystal mfr , Power supply unit for electronic applications mfr , Printed circuit mfr , Printer cable mfr , Quartz crystal mfr , Receiver or amplifier valves or tubes mfr , Record cutters mfr , Rectifier plant (electronic) mfr , Relays for electronic and telecommunications use mfr , Resistor mfr (electronic) , Resistors including rheostats and potentiometers mfr , Semi-conductor control equipment (converters) mfr , Semi-conductor mfr (not power) , Semi-finished dice or wafers, semiconductor , Single solar cell mfr , Solid state circuit mfr , Stabilising valve (electronic) mfr , Switches and transducers for electronic applications mfr , Television camera tubes mfr , Television EHT transformer mfr , Television picture tube mfr , Television scan coil mfr , Terminals for electronic apparatus mfr , Thermionic valves or tubes mfr , Thyratron mfr , Thyristor mfr , Transducers (electronic) mfr , Transformer for electronic apparatus mfr , Travelling wave tube mfr , USB cable mfr , Capacitor for electronic apparatus mfr , Electronic circuit protection device mfr , Electronic plug mfr , Industrial transformer (electronic) mfr , Photo diode mfr , Printer and monitor connectors' mfr , Solenoid for electronic apparatus mfr , Transistor mfr ,