Classification: NACE Rev 2
Code: 2593
Label: Manufacture of wire products, chain and springs
Synonyms: Bands made of plaited metal mfr , Bands, slings, etc. made of uninsulated plaited iron or steel mfr , Barbed wire made of steel mfr , Cable made of uninsulated aluminium mfr , Cable sheathing made of aluminium mfr , Cable strands made of aluminium mfr , Chain (non-precision) mfr , Chain (not articulated transmission) mfr , Chain mfr , Cloth made of wire mfr , Coated electrodes for electric arc-welding mfr , Coated or cored wire mfr , Coil spring (not motor vehicle suspension) mfr , Conductor cable made of steel reinforced aluminium mfr , Copper stranded wire (uninsulated) mfr , Drawing pin mfr , Expanded metal mfr , Fencing made of steel wire mfr , Fish plates for arches made of steel mfr , Flange jointing sets mfr , Grills made of wire mfr , Heavy wire mfr , Helical springs mfr , Knitting needles made of metal mfr , Leaf springs mfr , Leaves for spring's mfr , Link chain (welded) mfr , Nails made of steel wire mfr , Needles made of metal mfr , Netting made of steel wire mfr , Netting made of wire mfr , Non-precision chain mfr , Pins made of metal mfr , Rigging for ships mfr , Ring spring mfr , Rods or wires (for gas welding soldering or brazing) mfr , Rope made of wire mfr , Sewing needles mfr , Skid chain mfr , Spring presswork mfr , Spring washer mfr , Springs for upholstery mfr , Springs made of steel for upholstery mfr , Springs mfr , Steel upholstery spring mfr , Steel wire cable mfr , Steel wire fabric mfr , Stranded un-insulated wire made of copper mfr , Strands for cable aluminium mfr , Stud link chain mfr , Tack made of metal (not wire) mfr , Torsion bar spring mfr , Welding rods (coated/covered with flux) made of steel mfr , Wire (heavy) mfr , Wire cable made of steel mfr , Wire fabric made of steel mfr , Wire products made of uninsulated copper mfr , Wire products mfr , Wire rope mfr , Wire strands made of aluminium mfr , Wires or rods (for gas welding soldering or brazing) mfr , Bands made of uninsulated plaited copper mfr , Copper wire product uninsulated mfr , Nail (not wire) mfr , Safety pins mfr , Staple (not wire) mfr , Welded chain link mfr ,