Classification: NACE Rev 2
Code: 2561
Label: Treatment and coating of metals
Synonyms: Anodising , Case hardening mfr , Chrome plating mfr , Colouring, engraving of metals mfr , Concrete coating of metals mfr , Deburring, sandblasting and cleaning of metals , Electroplating mfr , Enamelling of metals (including vitreous enamelling) mfr , Galvanising mfr , Gilding of metals mfr , Grinding (metal finishing) mfr , Heat treatment of metals mfr , Hot dip coating (metal finishing) mfr , Japanning (metal finishing) mfr , Lacquering (metal finishing) mfr , Metal parts powder coating mfr , Metal spraying mfr , Non-metallic coating of metal, plastifying, lacquering etc. mfr , Plating (metal finishing) mfr , Sand blasting of metals mfr , Shot peening of metals mfr , Stove painting mfr , Tumbling of metals mfr , Tumbling polishing (metal finishing) mfr , Chromium plating mfr , Hardening, buffing of metals mfr , Treatment and coating of metals mfr ,