Classification: NACE Rev 2
Code: 2530
Label: Manufacture of steam generators, except central heating hot water boilers
Synonyms: Auxiliary plant for use with steam generators mfr , Boiler (marine engineering) mfr , Boiler drum mfr , Boiler for marine applications mfr , Boiler house plant mfr , Boilers and associated equipment and parts (not marine or central heating) mfr , Column (process plant) mfr , Condenser (steam) mfr , Cracker for process plant mfr , Duct (of heavy steel plate) mfr , Economic boiler mfr , Economiser's mfr , Evaporator mfr , Feed water heater (for boilers) mfr , Firing plant for boilers etc mfr , Fuel economiser for boilers mfr , Fuel handling equipment for boilers mfr , Heat exchanger (process plant) mfr , Industrial air heater for boilers mfr , Marine or power boiler parts mfr , Nuclear fired boiler (not marine) mfr , Nuclear fuel plant mfr , Nuclear reactor parts mfr , Nuclear reactors mfr , Penstock made of steel mfr , Pipe system construction for steam generators mfr , Process heater mfr , Process pipe work mfr , Process pressure sphere mfr , Process pressure vessel mfr , Reactor column mfr , Reactor vessel mfr , Reformer mfr , Shell boiler (not marine) mfr , Steam accumulator mfr , Steam boiler mfr , Steam collector mfr , Steam generator mfr , Steam generator parts mfr , Super-heaters mfr , Vapour generators mfr , Vertical boiler (not marine) mfr , Waste heat boiler mfr , Water tube boiler (not marine) mfr , Condenser (vapour not steam) mfr ,